Can You Beat Brawl Stars WITHOUT Dying?!


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    *Like this video & I might do another Nuzlocke but in a 3v3 mode!* Want to play a F2P Nuzlocke?! Instead of gemming a mega box every 100 trophies, ONLY play when you have tokens available to give yourself the best chance of survival. I also recommend waiting to push past 300 trophies until near the end of the season so you have as many quests as possible!

  2. Sharon Lee

    Sharon LeeПре 11 сати

    :( nooooo

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    Agron :Brawl stars videosПре 9 дана

    This video went soooo well

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    Do another one that was the best loved it

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    BANANAGODmoose PLANTEATERПре 23 дана

    Do the nuzlock on brawlball


    NINJA JAWADПре 2 сата

    For brawl pass opening go to NINJA JAWAD


    NINJA JAWADПре 2 сата

    For brawl pass opening go to Ninja Jawad

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    Razvan YTПре 8 сати

    I am here just to see some AWESOME gameplay of Brawl Stars



    you are a BOT :))))))))))))))))))

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    OH My EthanПре дан

    I tried this once too, and I destroyed my old phone

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    Bro I absolutely love this

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    great gaming chair btw

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    use code kairos when buying things in the shop

  15. The weird Minecrafter

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    Spin in a circle to heal faster

  16. Rudy Levick

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    This just spoiled the Pokemon nuzlocke

  17. Sdb Star

    Sdb StarПре 4 дана

    At the end i know that was acting you wanted to wnd the video lol

  18. NP PineCone

    NP PineConeПре 4 дана

    Karaios: shelly is the worst brawler Also karios: HOW AM I DOING SO WELL WITH SHELLY?

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  20. kjnoxythdst

    kjnoxythdstПре 5 дана

    Nice I like this vid

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    Im pro on Thicco and Cool Lookin’

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    Now this is my kind of brawl stars

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    Poco is kevin

  25. The Treehouse Reviews

    The Treehouse ReviewsПре 6 дана

    Leon is stronger then spike

  26. Atendimento Pessoal

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    moustache seeing that u reach 1000 trophys: wow, u did a great job! congratulations

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    Hi😍 LOVE YOUR videos

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    Frank BSПре 7 дана

    13:58 dont kill me !!!


    AAYAN SINGHVIПре 7 дана

    *"EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED."* *"**Bs4.XyZ**"* *"**Bs4.XyZ**"* *"**Bs4.XyZ**"* *”DID IT HELP YOU TOO?”* *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* *CERTIFIED* *CLASSIC* *HOLY MOLY* *"完璧"* *DY4AP*

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    A great way to get ready for brawl stars championships

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    Its so sad

  32. Azzzdoof Azadkuckrman

    Azzzdoof AzadkuckrmanПре 7 дана

    I never got rico

  33. Otaku Danieru

    Otaku DanieruПре 7 дана

    That's pretty pathetic. But luckily ure a content creator and not a gamer

  34. Random Guy

    Random GuyПре 7 дана

    Darryl's super in a nutshell: Escape Route

  35. Fundiments

    FundimentsПре 3 дана

    Unless you're a random...then it's either dash into a wall and land in the same spot or...KAMIKAZE 1 HP LETS GOOOO!!!

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    *M I G U E L*

  37. Loapher

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    James tho 😰

  38. Pie

    PieПре 8 дана

    no killing kairos, NOR BABY BEAR OR BUSHES

  39. Emine Günay

    Emine GünayПре 8 дана

    13.31 rico comeback for The revenge because kairos killed hım so fast

  40. Arthur Wheaton

    Arthur WheatonПре 8 дана

    Noooooooo he lost the challenge?!?!

  41. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel HernandezПре 8 дана

    My name is miguel

  42. Ipad Ipaadd

    Ipad IpaaddПре 9 дана

    I ever killed a invis Leon and didn’t even know there was a Leon so I had luck😂😂😂

  43. Theodor - Goldfisch

    Theodor - GoldfischПре 9 дана

    .RIP. M.Jackson

  44. James Midwood

    James MidwoodПре 9 дана

    you named daryl after me why thank u kt

  45. Janach Plays

    Janach PlaysПре 9 дана

    For some reason I call the dynamite guy Dyny

  46. ꧁Hinata꧂ ꧁UwU꧂

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    Baby bear 🐼👌

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    I start one

  48. Igor G

    Igor GПре 10 дана

    When I did my first Pokémon nuzlocke, I was so upset. This video brought back memories, bad ones

  49. Arlen E. Lynch

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    YYOOOOOO that jaden guy is my COUSIN MMYYYY COUSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bro you are so bad in game

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    Think I face you this week. I was using buzz’s

  52. Arjun Chickering

    Arjun ChickeringПре 10 дана

    Nuzelock: a challenge. Kairos: this challenge isn't fair if I don't gem it.

  53. I dont know what my name is :》

    I dont know what my name is :》Пре 10 дана

    I got all super rares and especially "THICCO" the god of gumballs

  54. Jackson Mesarvey

    Jackson MesarveyПре 10 дана

    1:39 you mean bushes?

  55. Cayden Lauchner

    Cayden LauchnerПре 11 дана

    can you do a nother one plz

  56. Fernando Calderon

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    Where was spike .-.

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    So close 🥺

  58. Egbert Roest

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    0:43 Shelly already died, no play…

  59. 1000 IQ

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  60. Sypky

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    His most common sentence: "No-o-o-o-oo!"

  61. Rafael benari

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    BULL IS THE BEST BRAWLER! change my mind..

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    I was thinking this is pokemon kk

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    he reached 1000 trophies in a few hours or something noice

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    23:28 death

  66. VorTex

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    12:33 OH YES

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    At 3:56 you sound like Gale's super haha

  68. Lisa Stoorvogel

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    And again at 21:15 very fun

  69. Brendan IsBetterThanYou

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    This dude just plain stupid and cringe

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    I love Brock's name

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    Summary of video: OHOHOHOH

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    This dude made 9 power cubes a celebrity now :)

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    Long story short, he lost


    TITUBS BFПре 14 дана

    "piranha" in Brazil it means slut woman ; -;

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  78. Changshuo Liu

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    im got leon

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    It's enjoying to see you cry lol

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    I well do a nuzlcok in 10 days

  81. Leo Bug

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    Why do brawlers have to be named differently in the challenge?

  82. ninjacoolroblox

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    just for fun

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    zjebus ohydne i be

  84. ninjacoolroblox

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    out of all the languages you could've spoke in, you decided to speak facts

  85. Bryce Wan

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  86. José Antonio Rodrigues Lopes

    José Antonio Rodrigues LopesПре 14 дана

    Results: 1st: Bushes (Shelly), 190 2nd: James, the Pirate (Darryl), 158 3rd: Good Lookin' (Colt), 147 4th: Miguel (Poco), 138 5th: "The Rock" (El Primo), 128 6th: Baby Bear (Nita), 118 7th: Piranha (Rosa), 108 8th: Jerk (Bull), 107 9th: M. Jackson (Frankie), 106 10th: Milly (Jessie), 101 11th: Moustaches (Barley), 58 12th: RACHEL (Brock), 40 13th: Thicco (Rico), 12 (XDDD) Total trophies: 1401 (Kairos missed up 99 trophies)

  87. Dylan Andree RAMIREZ UGARTE

    Dylan Andree RAMIREZ UGARTEПре 15 дана

    R.I.P mostauches

  88. Suprotim Guwahati

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    Good game 👍


    ALVIN LEE QUAN ENN MoeПре 15 дана

    I wish you win


    ALVIN LEE QUAN ENN MoeПре 15 дана


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    Waht the flop

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    ok, you noob

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    Your noob

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    Are you don't kill me

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    You copy my name

  96. Maria Sanchez

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    Can you do a second attempt

  98. Pedro Pacheco

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    Bro I got Leon on a 500 trophies account and I still don’t have a legendary on my 6,000+ account

  99. Beyaz ve Siyah

    Beyaz ve SiyahПре 16 дана

    13:02 Bull: *Wanna BRAWL* me: n-no sir just a missunderstanding

  100. Among us flipaclip animations

    Among us flipaclip animationsПре 16 дана

    We have to play with Rachel far

  101. Maks Kusyk

    Maks KusykПре 16 дана

    Kairos: Thats a star Shelly This person is like an OG brawler. Me: You mean OG Skin.

  102. ferdaws ahmad

    ferdaws ahmadПре 14 дана

    No an OG Person.

  103. knut stensrod

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    Your so bad at the game kairos im why better

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    i can do this on my channel?

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    Po you're the whole reason I let you download this game and I've been playing it you made me obsessed with this game

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    grown ass man, playing a fucking toddler's game and still getting destroyed.

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    Someone has beaten your nuxlock

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    Do a nuzlocke in siege 😳

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    Do it on ur main acc

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    1:55 swag mode kairos