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In this video, I'm going to going to show you how to get Griff for FREE in the Griff 15-win challenge! This guide will review the best brawlers, best gadgets, \u0026 best star powers to help you win Griff free!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре 6 дана

    GOOD LUCK in the challenge! The challenge starts on July 23rd! Use Code Kairos! Thanks to the PRO PLAYERS who helped make this video!

  2. Marleny Molina

    Marleny MolinaПре 22 сата

    Yalls dumb advice made me lose onnthe 2nd stage on the first match

  3. abdul bouchaala

    abdul bouchaalaПре дан

    I played the best brawlers correctly and I still lost

  4. Jammy Choo

    Jammy ChooПре дан

    Did you win? I had a premade team with friends and we only got to siege and lost after 6 wins lol

  5. Vlash Papa

    Vlash PapaПре дан

    i won omg thanks

  6. Lucas Bibby

    Lucas BibbyПре дан

    You sack kairos

  7. °SN°ッJarrodッ

    °SN°ッJarrodッПре 52 минута

    My first two matches I played with players who stood still. It's really frustrating that I lose like this

  8. Jamie Wilby

    Jamie WilbyПре сат

    Kairos: this guide will assist you in winning griff Me who didn't win a single match: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

  9. Brawl fan

    Brawl fanПре сат

    Kairos u should eat chocolate coins for an unlocking grieff video

  10. George ultronic

    George ultronicПре сат

    Kairos: this will get you griff for free. Me: I... did it 😱😱

  11. EpicSkrub730

    EpicSkrub730Пре 2 сата

    Matchmaking is a complete joke lmfao. Early in the challenge, if you play with randoms, your randoms range from 2000-3000 trophies even if you are 20k-30k trophies. Later in the challenge where it gets "hard", you're matched up against people in the 30ks while your team ranges in the 20ks. To put things short, Early is complete doom for most players who play with randoms (not even with look for a team) because supercell teams you with literal NEW PLAYERS. Late/End is jist rigged matchmaking. You're up against those in the top ranks.

  12. Elian Cantu

    Elian CantuПре 3 сата

    Had to buy extra chances but I beat the challenge, thanks for the advice KT :)

  13. Tracy Morgan

    Tracy MorganПре 3 сата

    *"EXACTLY. WHAT. U. NEEDED."* ***"**FeRiY.BeSt/tilve**"* *”DID. IT. HELP. YOU. TOO.?”* *CERTIFICATED*

  14. help fundraise for these people!

    help fundraise for these people!Пре 3 сата

    *"EXACTLY. WHAT. U. NEEDED."* ***"**FeRiY.BeSt/tilve**"* *”DID. IT. HELP. YOU. TOO.?”* *CERTIFICATED*

  15. Micah Knernschield

    Micah KnernschieldПре 5 сати

    I think Nita is best on heist personally

  16. GGGamer

    GGGamerПре 6 сати

    I got 6 wins and 3 losses ( Just because of Siege ) Angry Barley Pin

  17. Stormberry

    StormberryПре 6 сати

    Yeah so I played the challenge and I am one win away from griff and we got spawn trapped.

  18. Duns Swe

    Duns SweПре 6 сати

    I won 14 times but I lost at the last game 😭😭

  19. Rich

    RichПре 6 сати

    Only 1% because the team aspect of this game sucks.

  20. KIZARU_ 3

    KIZARU_ 3Пре 6 сати

    I won! Thanks a lot 🙏💓

  21. Aljohn V

    Aljohn VПре 8 сати

    Me:Anyways is OK that I lose the challenge. Wait!I got Surge 6 more brawlers too go. My brother:cool that you have Surge you have so much luck! Like me nah I still need alote of brawlers. Me:thanks😏

  22. Ayan Gurung

    Ayan GurungПре 8 сати

    I lost the tournament because of a freaking random that decided to go mortis on siege then I bought an extra 2 chances and lost in last round of siege and I am an f2p and those gems were really precious

  23. Aljohn V

    Aljohn VПре 8 сати

    Kairos:only 1%person will get Griff. Me:bruh you gotta be kidding me this is so hard when I play I just die all the times is so hard bruh. Kairos:Good luck ✌ Random people:wow I'm pro so maybe I can do it! Other people:bruh this is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!! Me:.maybe I can just die bc this is hard😒I mean like I can get Griff in boxes even though that I didn't get Griff in the challenge if I can get it😕.

  24. Fraby

    FrabyПре 8 сати

    Just Lost because I had a brunch of stupid mates each time🤦🏼

  25. Ashutosh Joshi

    Ashutosh JoshiПре 9 сати

    Thanks Kairos this video helped me a lot for getting Griff

  26. Matas S.

    Matas S.Пре 10 сати

    Damn i used this guide and won 13 games....

  27. Đorđe Mandić

    Đorđe MandićПре 10 сати

    Thanks Kairos! I watched your video and i actually got Griff for FREE 😁

  28. Ben Slorach

    Ben SlorachПре 11 сати

    Me: Omg I'm actually gonna win a challenge!!!!!! Randums: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  29. superbro brawl stars

    superbro brawl starsПре 11 сати

    I lost

  30. Давид и Игры

    Давид и ИгрыПре 11 сати

    When i play in this event im playing with stupid teams and the my random team dont know how to play and can be afk

  31. TheAntoniツ Callou

    TheAntoniツ CallouПре 12 сати

    I dont have no one to play :v

  32. Alsajid Julian

    Alsajid JulianПре 12 сати

    I lose the challenge in the last match, I tried my best.

  33. Mark Hanebuth Sanchez

    Mark Hanebuth SanchezПре 12 сати

    Same 😪

  34. Suolanen bs

    Suolanen bsПре 13 сати

    I used ur guide for the challenge and won 15-1 with randoms

  35. ⛩Sxturn64🎋

    ⛩Sxturn64🎋Пре 14 сати


  36. Erick Saenz

    Erick SaenzПре 14 сати


  37. Sshiron-BrawlStars

    Sshiron-BrawlStarsПре 14 сати

    I lose at last 2 matches Griff was soo super close mannnn

  38. Furkan Sancar

    Furkan SancarПре 15 сати

    Arkadaşlar Yeni nesil eğlenceli oyunlar için aşağıdaki kanal linkine tıklayınız 🙂

  39. Lost InTheBlue

    Lost InTheBlueПре 16 сати

    I lost

  40. Elizabeth Toler

    Elizabeth TolerПре 16 сати

    The video is bad because when I tried the brawler'sand it made me feel terribly so why did you make this video if you're just going to lie

  41. Gissa

    GissaПре 8 сати

    Git gud

  42. Tyler McGee

    Tyler McGeeПре 16 сати

    Got the dubs 😁 Thanks Kairos 😍 I’m enjoying griff all thanks to you 😇

  43. Cristian Coronado

    Cristian CoronadoПре 16 сати

    I lost cuz my stupid teammate blames me, even tho he is the one who messed everything up. 😤

  44. Ava Rebane

    Ava RebaneПре 17 сати

    Thank you!!!! I beat the challenge!!!!

  45. Moonflwrr

    MoonflwrrПре 18 сати

    I lost 3 in a row didn’t win once 😤

  46. Henr Zacapala

    Henr ZacapalaПре 18 сати

    It whas the worst 😡❌💢

  47. Jonathon Firth

    Jonathon FirthПре 18 сати

    oh my gosh im so sad, 14 wins 3 losses AAAAH

  48. Mark Hanebuth Sanchez

    Mark Hanebuth SanchezПре 12 сати

    Me too dude

  49. leonardus depari

    leonardus depariПре 20 сати


  50. leonardus depari

    leonardus depariПре 20 сати

    I got griff

  51. Afeef Hamid

    Afeef HamidПре 20 сати

    me thinking i might get a good amount of wins after watching this randoms: oh i dont think so

  52. Lava Melon

    Lava MelonПре 20 сати

    Uhm…..I lost 3 games in a row before I saw this video

  53. DvGaming

    DvGamingПре 20 сати

    Thank you Kairos and pros for the amazing video, the comps and suggestions helped my team and I get to 15 wins and unlock Griff! Your content is amazing, keep it up!

  54. peri

    periПре 21 сат

    O lose becose what you tell me

  55. Ace Smash

    Ace SmashПре 22 сата

    Hope I don't l lose.

  56. Gaming Brawl Brothers

    Gaming Brawl BrothersПре 22 сата

    Thanks man l won you are the best 👌 brawl stars player Thanks man

  57. Cristian Best Gamer

    Cristian Best GamerПре 22 сата

    Thanks primo for being afk in pit stop

  58. Levi

    LeviПре 22 сата

    I just played verses you it was at the first map you played sandy tara and emz

  59. Harry Hyde

    Harry HydeПре 22 сата

    When is he released in boxes if you lose the challenge

  60. Mārtiņš Ābele

    Mārtiņš ĀbeleПре 23 сата

    Thanks kairos! I used your video and got zero wins!

  61. Asma Razzak

    Asma RazzakПре 23 сата

    Here's the catch..... Randoms.

  62. Small Fry

    Small FryПре 23 сата

    Thx kairos I didn’t need this but i made my friends see it so I could help carry them to 15. Guess what. I did 🥱

  63. DarkSinisterX

    DarkSinisterXПре 23 сата

    I hate this challenge theyres aleays sweats using bea doing SOMEHOW 3080 DAMAGE its so damn annyoing

  64. Alon Krul

    Alon KrulПре 23 сата

    it's not working, maybe am nab but it didn't work .-.

  65. LEONARDO leonardo

    LEONARDO leonardoПре 23 сата


  66. EDGAR

    EDGARПре дан

    When is he coming out?

  67. Isaac Macedo

    Isaac MacedoПре дан

    Im officially giving up on brawl stars bc my teammates are always bad

  68. Balbir Kaloe

    Balbir KaloeПре дан

    Hey kairos this was the first time I used your guide and I won the challenge. I hope u c this

  69. Goat Devil

    Goat DevilПре дан

    Me: Oh I need to get griff now because if I get him out of a box. It’ll decrease my legendary chance (crow and spike are the only brawlers I’m missing) After the challenge Me: 😵‍💫

  70. S.a. m.

    S.a. m.Пре дан

    Currently re-watching this with a fat smile on my face whilst I push my newly unlocked griff!

  71. Anne Mon3

    Anne Mon3Пре дан

    I lost three times in a row in seige

  72. Yuvraj Dalal

    Yuvraj DalalПре дан

    im 1% yes


    THOT SLAYERПре дан

    Just use buzz

  74. Rodrigo Martinez

    Rodrigo MartinezПре дан

    I did buzz for brawl ball

  75. eba56

    eba56Пре дан

    Who here already lost

  76. Wxldfxre

    WxldfxreПре дан

    So im the 0.001% that gets 14 wins, HAD 2 loses and had only 1 attempt left, and simply lost to a shelly? Ehh.

  77. josh hsoj

    josh hsojПре дан

    aaaaaaand lost 3 no wins hehe

  78. Daniel Noria

    Daniel NoriaПре дан

    This might work but you can use counter brawlers

  79. Daniel Noria

    Daniel NoriaПре дан

    It failed me

  80. Ashroom

    AshroomПре дан


  81. Anderson Campoverde

    Anderson CampoverdeПре дан

    Nobody my teamates pick sure and Lou

  82. Ethanator

    Ethanator Пре дан

    I watched the video did belle bea and Stu didn’t even get passed the first round:(

  83. lava bhattarai

    lava bhattaraiПре дан

    I said to rapha

  84. RamBam Redbeam

    RamBam RedbeamПре дан

    This a rippp off my game kept lagging like it never did before and crashed...

  85. Ehsan Badshah

    Ehsan BadshahПре дан

    I lost :(

  86. ItsTobyiiYT ,

    ItsTobyiiYT ,Пре дан

    Nooo I don’t have a lot of brawlers Kairos

  87. just_a_guy_who_plays_lol

    just_a_guy_who_plays_lolПре дан

    Too late lmao, just lost 0/15 as usual. :)

  88. brawl stars clipz

    brawl stars clipzПре дан

    Bull actually sucks at this

  89. Yogi T

    Yogi TПре дан

    I lost with crow…

  90. dead eye mark

    dead eye markПре дан


  91. dead eye mark

    dead eye markПре дан

    this game stinks NOT joking

  92. dead eye mark

    dead eye markПре дан


  93. Trïs Tan

    Trïs TanПре дан

    i alrdy lost

  94. Finn Havinga

    Finn HavingaПре дан

    I already lost😢😢😢

  95. davidrex px

    davidrex pxПре дан

    This was a bad shit idea 😂😂😂😂

  96. davidrex px

    davidrex pxПре дан


  97. Mark Green

    Mark GreenПре дан


  98. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical MortisПре дан

    Here we go

  99. Joshua Anderson

    Joshua AndersonПре дан

    I used the look for team and everyone wouldn’t listen to me. I tried telling them to be one brawler but they wouldn’t listen and I lost on the heist one😤

  100. Songs by Keyboard

    Songs by KeyboardПре дан

    Kairos I follow the brawler star power and gadgets but I lost all 3 I did not win even a single time (I never win any challenges at all I did not win the brawl o win Rosa) :'(

  101. Sanjay Ashokkumar

    Sanjay AshokkumarПре дан

    1% ounds like very little until u realise that brawl stars has more than a 100 million downloads across google play and apple store

  102. GeckoPlaysMobile

    GeckoPlaysMobileПре дан

    Kairostime the comps were so bad in heist we beat brawl ball very easily but then when we did heist and we always faced Edgar and primo comps with rico or barley and we lost 2 times because we spent so much time defending we couldn't get even close to the safe without our safe getting shredded. Somehow we won because we faced 2 teams with mortis. Then when we played siege and we couldn't grab the first bolt because the other team had full control and even with stu and belle we couldn't push up without instantly being killed by a barley or stu so we lost.

  103. Stylz IV

    Stylz IVПре дан

    So does this means I'm a pro since I beat it

  104. Stylz IV

    Stylz IVПре дан

    So basically I'm lucky and this entire challenge is based on luck

  105. CANALE 888

    CANALE 888Пре дан

    No ur lucky

  106. SpongeKiller42

    SpongeKiller42Пре дан

    Made it to Win 13 and lost. F

  107. Anwar Guzman

    Anwar GuzmanПре дан

    Randoms are so trash they made me lose the challenge because I have no friends

  108. NxChip

    NxChipПре дан

    Thanks to you and the pros, I got Griff for free!! 🥳

  109. Nicholas Romero

    Nicholas RomeroПре дан

    Hey Kairos It didn’t work for me I was zero zero no prizes won because a randoms and I was depressed I trained and it didn’t work out sadness

  110. Trooper_ Rich YT

    Trooper_ Rich YTПре дан

    I lost