New Brawlers BUZZ & GRIFF BREAKDOWN! | Update INFO!

Brawl Stars Update INFO! Griff \u0026 Buzz Breakdown! | KairosTime
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In this Update video, I'm going to break down EVERYTHING you need to know about Buzz \u0026 Griff, the 2 newest brawlers coming to Brawl Stars! I compare them to other brawlers with their stats \u0026 talk about everything else coming in the update including new skins, and the 3 new game modes coming to Brawl STars!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец

    SUB for SNEAK PEEKS! Are you more excited for Buzz or Griff?!

  2. JaydenPlayz

    JaydenPlayzПре 27 дана

    Because I already have buzz lol

  3. JaydenPlayz

    JaydenPlayzПре 27 дана



    CLASH KINGSПре месец

    @Party brawl it is cool 😎 if you don't think it cool than its not my fault ok!

  5. Brawl shadow

    Brawl shadowПре месец


  6. Ninja Dragon

    Ninja DragonПре месец


  7. Shen

    ShenПре 2 дана

    mobile game youtubers is why the world still struggles with cancer

  8. lars thememelord

    lars thememelordПре 3 дана

    its so funny how he thought that buzz’s starpower had the survey charge circle but instead its just his regular thing


    BLUE CATПре 16 дана

    10:02 brawl pot lmaoooo

  10. Leon ShowRus

    Leon ShowRusПре 24 дана

    I wonder why he has a circle around him

  11. Mr. McNuggetson

    Mr. McNuggetsonПре 25 дана

    In basket brawl, if you are at the bottom of the opponent's goal, you can score a three pointer when the goal is low

  12. Ast0boi

    Ast0boiПре 27 дана

    If there was a person inside how his a male that short

  13. ocea6770 ocea6770

    ocea6770 ocea6770Пре месец

    Time for Supercell to need another brawler that I PAID FOR

  14. Karl Marx

    Karl MarxПре месец

    This is the summer of pay to win .... This game has gone from sunshine flower happy to shit! We opened 100 mega boxes, 300 big boxes and brawl boxes to get ... Nothing! No squeek no nothing! I have a maxed account and it's just super disgusting to see what these people have done with the game. Oh we take away your luck chances oh and we don't give you a new brawler and ohhhh we make you pay more than EA wants for a new shiney soccer card in a fkn game. I am so done with this game, it's gone from esports friendly cool game to "BUY the brawler or you won't be able to compete" and hey "we will make 2, 2 brawler updates so we make sure you don't unlock shit until the next pass" oh and wait "your luck decreases even if you buy the pass and unlock the brawler with money" .... This game used to be fun but even in Kairos eyes you can see "okay I'm still making money with this game somehow but here is a cool commercial video" one day they will f all of you, me as a longtime customer und day 1 gamer, the community and the new players who fucking okay for a year and don't get shit unlocked. And believe me kids, money ain't changing shit These days. It's pay 350 gems (that's what Leon used to costs when he came out) or you will prolly not unlock any new brawler. Just look at the other dying clash games and how they treat the players... BS will be right there with them :)! Mthis is my quitting message supercell, you ruined gaming once again :))

  15. El Rafa

    El RafaПре месец

    Is he in a new trio?

  16. Hamilton Alezandro

    Hamilton AlezandroПре месец

    How do you get both then

  17. Szymiii

    SzymiiiПре месец

    "eating money until i get Griff"

  18. Tyrannicalz Trash

    Tyrannicalz TrashПре месец

    Kairos : So that mean knockout will not be a permanent gamemode Me : WAIT NO COME BACK

  19. Emrah

    EmrahПре месец

    which day will the challange be avaible to be played

  20. Lazy Kid

    Lazy KidПре месец

    So who's gonna be the next brawl pass brawler???????

  21. Treshi

    TreshiПре месец

    When you click Buzz super at max range and walk out of range his super will still hit and exceed max range.

  22. Everest Devkota

    Everest DevkotaПре месец

    sadly my bs ain't opening

  23. AdjunctLuck

    AdjunctLuckПре месец

    Still waiting for leons 2nd gadget🥲

  24. Rayhuul

    RayhuulПре месец

    I really don't like Buzz wayyy too op

  25. GeorgeReal BS

    GeorgeReal BSПре месец


  26. ^N a d a^

    ^N a d a^Пре месец

    I have a brawl theory, because star park was shut down the people who made star park still wanted to control the world so they made a water park. And think about this didn't dinosaurs die years ago? Yes, they did so I think they used gene to bring a dinosaur back to life and they named the dinosaur buzz. I also think they made buzz to help them kidnap more kids, like this is what I'm trying to say: a kid will look at buzz and think he's so cool and if buzz tells them to come with him (if the kid is dumb or pretty Young like 4 or 5 years old) they will come with him without talking to their parents about it! Maybe buzz has a more darker story than you thought? But that was all just a theory so please dont make any hate comments, thank you :)

  27. molin patc

    molin patcПре месец

    Get ready for the buzzpocalypse bois



    Qué bacán no lo tengo

  29. Endre Borto

    Endre BortoПре месец

    Griff is similar whit sallon 8bit

  30. Chad Horsford

    Chad HorsfordПре месец

    I updated the game but they keep telling to update what do I do after I spent so much money on the game I love it so much 😭😭😭

  31. Gandalf The grey

    Gandalf The greyПре месец

    This is starting to look like fortnite

  32. Jesus D king gamer

    Jesus D king gamerПре месец

    I have brawl talk added in brawl stars but i think it's a fake

  33. hotman napitupulu

    hotman napitupuluПре месец

    nerf buzz

  34. sagar kulkarni

    sagar kulkarniПре месец

    I like how we could play all such game modes in counter strike 1.6 back in the days



    I thought griff in the video picture was the 8-bit saloon skin

  36. alex anuahvili

    alex anuahviliПре месец

    Yes but pls tell me how do you play whit buzz if it's not realest cen you sent me link so I cen download that

  37. GHOST

    GHOSTПре месец

    Sandy's gadget is making the enemy blind for several seconds with his next shot

  38. Phantom

    PhantomПре месец

    jacky will cost 25k. star points not 150 gems no pl skin will cost gems or coins

  39. SonGuru Kirby

    SonGuru KirbyПре месец

    I really wanna see a game mode in the future in which you have to choose between the different Trios. Like the Graveyard Trio EMZ Mortis and Frank or the Giftshop Trio Griff Edgar and Collette for example. Maybe a deathmatch mode similar to Bounty without the stars. Maybe it works a little like Power League where you can choose your trio first then your team can choose which brawler they want to play, within that trio. I think that would be AWESOME. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!

  40. A brawl stars gamer

    A brawl stars gamerПре месец

    8-bit when he has to step on a slow pad: Well, Shit!

  41. Nikolai Stankev

    Nikolai StankevПре месец

    My favourite skin is dino leon and he is AWESOME

  42. Mr. Stuff

    Mr. StuffПре месец

    “Defeat 15 enemies with Buzz” Me:

  43. shieddo '-'

    shieddo '-'Пре месец

    Ohh my😂 the way you're explain buzz ability make me no regret for buying brawlpass next season thanks kairos for the good explanation 👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟

  44. Crizzpy

    CrizzpyПре месец

    Buzz is gonna get so many nerfs :(

  45. Amber Sheikh

    Amber SheikhПре месец


  46. Eee Eee

    Eee EeeПре месец

    Anyone else think Griff might be inspired by Grunkle Stan???

  47. Cheems ✅

    Cheems ✅Пре месец

    Is the update out?

  48. ZaneBigBrain

    ZaneBigBrainПре месец


  49. Kavionte Blems

    Kavionte BlemsПре месец

    The amuck slope extracellularly sin because colony conversely dress near a sharp plow. victorious, hospitable law

  50. emionthemix

    emionthemixПре месец

    Whats the circle around buzz?

  51. Pablo Zanoto

    Pablo ZanotoПре месец

    In fact, Buzz doesn't punch, he blows his whistle.

  52. Lucas Bezerra

    Lucas BezerraПре месец

    griff star power Idea:while using his super when the cards go back to him each one heals 200 points of life a Name? I thnk it would be called (REFUND).

  53. Stad Likes Cows :3

    Stad Likes Cows :3Пре месец

    buzz doesnt throw punches, they are whistle noises

  54. lavashadow 101

    lavashadow 101Пре месец

    You get into a band! It’s the bad randoms *insert bruh sound effect*

  55. Gross Carrot

    Gross CarrotПре месец


  56. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец

    Me with Nulls Brawl: i have the free dev build!

  57. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец

    Team buzz: 🐊 Team Griff: 🏧 I am 🐊

  58. Jordan Bopp

    Jordan BoppПре месец


  59. Mayshus Animatious

    Mayshus AnimatiousПре месец

    Kairos: “Edgar and Colletes boss is this big tough guy who grapples with a tie.” Edgars boss: *is a cashier stand with a body* Kairos: I predicted it guys, I got it.

  60. miguel lazaga

    miguel lazagaПре месец

    Brawl stars next update be like: Nerfed! Just like Edgar T-√

  61. a person owo

    a person owoПре месец

    What challenge will kairos do for buzz?

  62. a person owo

    a person owoПре месец

    @꧁Negative Zerø꧂ yes

  63. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец

    Feeding trex until he gets Buzz

  64. Imperdigo Gaming

    Imperdigo GamingПре месец

    Bro Kairos’s voice was literally cracking

  65. LemonAce Gaming

    LemonAce GamingПре месец

    Imagine enabling all of those modifiers in solo showdown = Destruction and Chaos 🤯🌋

  66. Neil Rooke

    Neil RookeПре месец

    litterly the only time i cant afford the brawl pass is when the best brawler comes out

  67. Daan luchtmeijer

    Daan luchtmeijerПре месец

    Buzz: *exists* Edgar: *finally, a worthy opponent*

  68. LemonAce Gaming

    LemonAce GamingПре месец

    2 new unboxing challenges are waiting for Kairos 😀

  69. Padma Tandan

    Padma TandanПре месец

    Then who stole the trophy?

  70. Primarina

    PrimarinaПре месец

    I was hoping he'd be heavyweight 😔


    YOY WAZZUP FAMПре месец

    I swear Kairos is kinda sick cuz of his voice

  72. Garfinkle's Gun

    Garfinkle's GunПре месец

    I only just realised that buzz blows his whistle when he attacks

  73. Zombie Zayne

    Zombie ZayneПре месец

    I still haven’t gotten squeak🥲I’ve opened up about 15 mega boxes and I haven’t even kept track of big/regular boxes. I have a maxed account and a drop rate of .27% that isn’t going any higher so like.. wtf

  74. CHEN GUO

    CHEN GUOПре месец

    I like how kairos actually predicted a brawler with a super they pulls the brawler

  75. Walkman

    WalkmanПре месец

    Wow Kairos you were not kidding when you said you don't stop when you get sick. That's crazy that you can do that. But I hope you don't hurt yourself

  76. Stier Muh Muh

    Stier Muh MuhПре месец

    Paula forgot to say thats right and Kairos forgot to remind us about his creator code Sad life, I know


    KINGofCLASHПре месец

    Kairos: eats dino-nuggets for buzz opening challenge

  78. Swapnil Dharu

    Swapnil DharuПре месец

    Read the books dude...!

  79. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец


  80. CR4BBY

    CR4BBYПре месец

    Is vollybrawl and basketbrawl and brawl ball going to rotate?

  81. Cool Legend

    Cool LegendПре месец

    New Modifier: Super charges much faster *Stu: (@_@)*

  82. Shadow Bandit

    Shadow BanditПре месец

    Correction, Griff's super doesn't go through walls

  83. Delirious Acer

    Delirious AcerПре месец

    You forgot to something!! Griff's left index finger sticks out which suggests he's also wearing a costume!

  84. GothicMitama037

    GothicMitama037Пре месец

    I have to say, griff has really good drawing.

  85. ADHZZ 7

    ADHZZ 7Пре месец

    Is buzz coming in brawl pass?


    RHINO BISONTПре месец

    in nrealituìy buzz trow slap qwq

  87. Sachit Verma

    Sachit VermaПре месец

    whats the rarity of griff?

  88. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец


  89. ASTROLEGACY astron

    ASTROLEGACY astronПре месец

    Can I ask why there is an circle around buzz

  90. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец

    I think its the sp: he loads his super when near enemy

  91. AK playzz brawl

    AK playzz brawlПре месец

    Pls heart pls

  92. Samin Raiyan

    Samin RaiyanПре месец

    Gene pulls Buzz. Buzz: Thanks for doing my job for me😎🦖.

  93. Τριαντάφυλλος Σερμέτης

    Τριαντάφυλλος ΣερμέτηςПре месец

    What rarity is griff? I am saying that because i am too lazy to open the voice😂.

  94. Τριαντάφυλλος Σερμέτης

    Τριαντάφυλλος ΣερμέτηςПре месец

    @꧁Negative Zerø꧂ ok thx

  95. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец


  96. Eastern Gamer

    Eastern GamerПре месец

    Is buzz in the brawlpass

  97. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец

    @Eastern Gamer just watch the brawl talk

  98. Eastern Gamer

    Eastern GamerПре месец

    That's not my answer

  99. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

    ꧁Negative Zerø꧂Пре месец

    Did you even watch the brawl talk?

  100. Shubhayon Banik

    Shubhayon BanikПре месец

    helmet of jetski jacky is the prediction helmet

  101. Sihab Clash

    Sihab ClashПре месец

    Supercell we need more tank and close range brawl

  102. Sihab Clash

    Sihab ClashПре месец

    Welcome Buzz Rip gene

  103. Nicholas Reynald Lawanto

    Nicholas Reynald LawantoПре месец

    Hm I watched several youtubers react to this but only you noticed the stiches on buzz

  104. Eggotitan

    EggotitanПре месец

    Wat knockout wasn’t supposed to stay?

  105. yungjoemighty

    yungjoemightyПре месец

    Buzz looks like a fun assassin/tank, Griff looks like another annoying, unoriginal long-range brawler

  106. ß

    ßПре месец

    هل تعلمون إن حديث (لا تصلوا علي صلاة البتراء) ليس له أصل من الصحة ؟ لا تكتم علماً كي لا تجزي أثماً.

  107. ß

    ßПре месец

    :معلومه دينيه بسيطة عند قراءة آية الكرسي بعد كل صلاة يصبح بينك وبين الجنة الموت فقط " لاتكتم علماً كي لا تُجزئ اثماً '' انسخوها✅✅

  108. ß

    ßПре месец

    لا تذكر سيرة النبي صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم بدون الصلاة عليه فأن النبي صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم وصف هذا الشخص بالبخيل.

  109. ß

    ßПре месец

    قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم : (( لعن الله المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء ، و المتشبهات من النساء بالرجال )) صدق رسول الله . صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم .

  110. Cristal Vasquez

    Cristal VasquezПре месец

    Kairos may drink A lot of water until he gets Buzz for the Challenge and more I’m excited about Buzz.

  111. Mior 93T

    Mior 93TПре месец

    "only Darryl can deal more damage than buzz" me: immediately going into training cave to check Pam's damage at close range also me after that, seeing that she does 3200+ damage: LIAR!

  112. Emiliano Franco

    Emiliano FrancoПре месец

    Colt to? I know he two shots a box like Pam and Daryll

  113. Zachary Kam

    Zachary KamПре месец

    You think you're calling it with the details on the new brawlers, but really the devs just wait until your videos come out and take the ideas lol

  114. Donder Games

    Donder GamesПре месец

    This brawl pass is mine

  115. FELIX TV

    FELIX TVПре месец

    1:52 I had an idea of a brawler having a graplinghook-like super!

  116. Norashikin Ayob

    Norashikin AyobПре месец

    i cant wait to have him, i have 130 gems