NEW GADGETS & Best BUILD for Sandy, Pam, Rico, Lou, & Spike!

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Best Builds for Sandy, Pam, Rico, Lou, \u0026 Spike! 2nd Gadgets | KairosTime
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For this video I'm going to show gameplay of 2nd Gadgets for Rico, Sandy, Pam, Spike, \u0026 Lou! I'll explain what all of their gadgets \u0026 star powers do, and then talk about which abilities I like most! I'll also reveal their best builds which you can do to win more with Rico, Sandy, Pam, Spike, \u0026 Lou, thanks to their new 2nd gadgets!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец

    Which new 2nd Gadget are you MOST excited to drop?! Thanks to ESL for sponsoring this video! ► Enter the Giveaway HERE ► Watch PRO level Brawl via ESL HERE ►

  2. אופק עמרני

    אופק עמרניПре 23 дана


  3. DDVB_Plays

    DDVB_PlaysПре 24 дана

    I think Lou’s new gadget he my best brawler 😎😎😎😎

  4. Kwͥidͣaͫ

    KwͥidͣaͫПре 24 дана

    @IvánRG same

  5. Dillan DaSilva

    Dillan DaSilvaПре месец

    I like Rico’s newest gadget,it seems better for Rico than his other gadget is

  6. brawl star fan

    brawl star fanПре месец

  7. Angel Pineda

    Angel PinedaПре 2 дана

    Brawl pass

  8. mikolaj brzozowski

    mikolaj brzozowskiПре 12 дана

    Spike's 2nd gadget name: Life Plant Rosa's 1st star power name: Plant Life *hMMmM*

  9. Sandy Roaster

    Sandy RoasterПре 15 дана

    "Lou's first starpower is super cool" Me:Ok so what's the name of it

  10. Nomster Monster

    Nomster MonsterПре 15 дана

    i dont get why an inanimate cactus has more health than an alive, animated cactus

  11. Kažkas Kitas

    Kažkas KitasПре 15 дана

    You can givit away your acount

  12. Anthony Puma

    Anthony PumaПре 18 дана


  13. Darryl but in space

    Darryl but in spaceПре 19 дана

    sandy first gadget:i sleep 2nd:you sleep



    Spike+gadget+super = distruction

  15. Nuggetee1

    Nuggetee1Пре 22 дана

    Like is that you shaggy

  16. Andu Oprea

    Andu OpreaПре 22 дана

    Ricos new gadget and his 2th star power are you friends?ricos new gadget yes His 2th star power no

  17. Kenneth Gonzalez

    Kenneth GonzalezПре 22 дана

    K-A-I-R-O-S Code Karios in the brawl stars shop

  18. Anime aka time

    Anime aka timeПре 22 дана

    he knows how to promote things

  19. Patricko 22

    Patricko 22Пре 23 дана

    Is it only me or Kairos is saying "Dani's second star power" at 3:46

  20. ㅤ

    Пре 23 дана

    (Happy spike main noises)

  21. Jolly Mojado

    Jolly MojadoПре 23 дана

    Sandy's first gadget: Sleeping pills Sandy's second gadget: Chloroform

  22. moody moda

    moody modaПре 23 дана

    I hate you -said no one ever

  23. 21. Samir. Chaurasiya. 10th. D

    21. Samir. Chaurasiya. 10th. DПре 23 дана

    I live in asia😶😶

  24. Glitch1710

    Glitch1710Пре 24 дана

    brawl pass

  25. Fwoggy Wibbit

    Fwoggy WibbitПре 24 дана

    My build Rico First SP Second Gadget Pam First SP First Gadget Spike First SP Second Gadget Sandy Second SP First Gadget Lou First SP Second Gadget Favourite Skins Guard Rico Holiday Pam Dark Lord Spike Sugar Rush Sandy King Lou

  26. Bip-bop

    Bip-bopПре 24 дана

    spikes gadjet could be good in siege because you can distract the robot, and sandy sweet dreams you can stun the edgards because always the edgards jump to sandys and first gadjet can do nothing but second gadjet con get out

  27. Some-guy

    Some-guyПре 25 дана

    Can you eat Dino nuggets till you get buzz pls🥺

  28. Saeid - Brawl Stars

    Saeid - Brawl StarsПре 25 дана

    When is supercell going to fix the lag?

  29. Spicy juice

    Spicy juiceПре 6 дана

    They wont its an online game

  30. Musicgamer

    MusicgamerПре 26 дана

    Hypothermia is just useless cause you need to freeze the enemies and if you freeze them. The star power isn't work. It's just useless and pls don't use it

  31. tabirosa

    tabirosaПре 26 дана


  32. Louis Fewis

    Louis FewisПре 26 дана

    my new gadget is coming out soon. Let's goooooo!

  33. Xx_Aaron Wolfie_Xx

    Xx_Aaron Wolfie_XxПре 27 дана

    I have become wise and cruel because: Belle with 2nd starpower Pam with second gadget Lou with second gadget and star power means no realoding

  34. Bradrw

    BradrwПре 27 дана

    Use code kairos for 10 years good luck

  35. Meta Bro

    Meta BroПре 27 дана

    It’s weird seeing Rico at rank 2

  36. Ali Hussain

    Ali HussainПре 27 дана

    How about a taco bell giftcard giveaway

  37. Kiceplayz

    KiceplayzПре 27 дана

    I just want the brawl pass

  38. Boris

    BorisПре 28 дана

    What about k-a-i-r-o-s code kairos in the brawl stars shop?

  39. Jason Vonazountas

    Jason VonazountasПре 28 дана

    when r u gonna make the next best builds

  40. I I

    I IПре 28 дана

    Kairos: Sandy has a SUPER fast unload speed! Edgar: Am I a joke to you?

  41. Patty Kipping

    Patty KippingПре 28 дана

    I like sleep stim

  42. M N

    M NПре 28 дана

    Uctually the second star power isnt good with the second gadget because bouncy castle gets him health but rico has to have little health for the star power. Not a food combo

  43. Diaz Jasarevic

    Diaz JasarevicПре 29 дана

    I dont like Dark lord Spike becouse it does not look like spike

  44. Moop_ Foxy

    Moop_ FoxyПре 29 дана

    POV your a spike you have the new gadget... theirs a penny

  45. NotWizz

    NotWizzПре 29 дана


  46. Jack Jill

    Jack JillПре 29 дана

    How about Leon

  47. Noel Odri

    Noel OdriПре 29 дана

    Kairos:dani's second star power is healing winds. me:well every no one is perfect

  48. Danan stuff

    Danan stuffПре 29 дана

    Bouncy castle: You have to bounce to get healing. Randoms: Wow! This is worthless

  49. mate brawl stars

    mate brawl starsПре 29 дана

    spen said that sandy's second gadget is way better than the first one

  50. Andrew Astafiev

    Andrew AstafievПре 29 дана

    Who else here likes sugar rush sandy?

  51. Mr. Pugglesworth

    Mr. PugglesworthПре 29 дана

    You should give away some vbucks 😂

  52. Thiagito pro tc🍭

    Thiagito pro tc🍭Пре месец

    Kairos looks like shaggy with that shirt inmagen kairos saying if you don not use creator code kairos I will use 0’0000001 percent of my power on you

  53. Youtube Fire_ نار اليوتيوب

    Youtube Fire_ نار اليوتيوبПре месец

    His voice sounds like a robot for a second in 11:10

  54. leon nove

    leon noveПре месец

    lou oppp

  55. Sam Rk

    Sam RkПре месец

    Im already a pro

  56. David Kruhek

    David KruhekПре месец

    12:37 Whoa what was that

  57. Eduardas Taspats

    Eduardas TaspatsПре месец

    I wantsuport you. You are best!

  58. a bear

    a bearПре месец

    Stu: bumps into somebody Stu now: *goes right through people*

  59. Kart Kid

    Kart KidПре месец

    "Sandy doesnt have the dps to kill a brawler on his own" YET he manages to destroy half of the brawlers

  60. AbstractLandon

    AbstractLandonПре месец

    Can you make a Leon or Edgar build cuz I just maxed out them two

  61. Alex Popescu

    Alex PopescuПре месец

    Sandy's second gadget: " I'm not sleeping, YOU'RE SLEEPING!

  62. Gurika Qobalia

    Gurika QobaliaПре месец

    I just unlocked Leon yesterday.

  63. HeyHiHoo

    HeyHiHooПре месец

    Spike’s both gadget and starpower are useful in their respective gamemodes. When it comes to heist or siege, popping pin cushion will be his best build, since it adds additional damage to the heist or IKE turret when he’s out of ammo. There’s also a video on reddit where someone who uses curveball showcases how to land all spikes to a target, dealing massive amount of damage. The other starpower and the other gadget can be used in other gamemodes since it is used to heal spike, allowing him to stay in the field much longer.

  64. play games

    play gamesПре месец

    How many hungarian wach kairos time (ki nézi kairos timét)

  65. Sønic YouTube

    Sønic YouTubeПре месец

    Kairos looks like dream after face reveal

  66. cony max

    cony maxПре месец

    All these gadgets need to be nerfed if i want to make piper my main.....👁️👄👁️💢

  67. Piggáeiou

    PiggáeiouПре месец

    12:07 Good.

  68. Shriyash Joshi

    Shriyash JoshiПре месец

    For Rico bouncy castle and robo retreat are contradictory. Super bouncy and bouncy castle is better according to me.

  69. Rosemarie Garcia

    Rosemarie GarciaПре месец

    Kairos the new gadgets Me but you forgot the other gadgets like lion and ruffs

  70. TheGamerPlayz

    TheGamerPlayzПре месец

    FInally pams new gadget wait what about leon!?!?

  71. Jhonatan Perez

    Jhonatan PerezПре месец

    What’s name song?

  72. Noval Chan

    Noval ChanПре месец

    They're really trying their best to find a way to forbid players from using Mortis so they can buff him....i mean taking away 25% ammo..... And you only respawn with 33% ammo now.... Oh and Tank Meta

  73. Bakes 13

    Bakes 13Пре месец

    Just realized rude sands is a darude sandstorm reference

  74. Josiah Lim

    Josiah LimПре месец

    kairos doesnt bouncy castle make you gain more health which means that rico wont get extra speed anymore

  75. I am God Mortis 64

    I am God Mortis 64Пре месец

    lou is underrated with hypotermia but now is insane

  76. Brandon Phung

    Brandon PhungПре месец

    you can tell kairos is a pro since he uses fertilize

  77. Mikail Akbar Lasiny

    Mikail Akbar LasinyПре месец

    *sad leon noises*

  78. Foogooboo1

    Foogooboo1Пре месец

    13:32 VOICE CRACK!!!!

  79. Foogooboo1

    Foogooboo1Пре месец

    3:45 Danee?

  80. ItsTheWorm BS

    ItsTheWorm BSПре месец

    Spikes first star power was my first one

  81. Maxwell Yang

    Maxwell YangПре месец

    Use code... K A I R O S code kairos in the brawl stars shop!!!

  82. ABC123

    ABC123Пре месец

    You shouldn't play Sandy's second gadget with randoms, they aren't team players they will attack the target you put to sleep on sight, stick with the first gadget if you plan on playing with randoms.

  83. Leo Gao

    Leo GaoПре месец


  84. Marija Milić

    Marija MilićПре месец

    Where is Gales gadget

  85. Baby Bones

    Baby BonesПре месец

    are you two friends? robo retreat : no bouncy castle : yes

  86. Canaan VA'AELUA

    Canaan VA'AELUAПре месец

    I think that we should have android and apple card giveaways so we can all get th brawl pass. Great job @KairosTime Gaming !

  87. GD Reviews

    GD ReviewsПре месец

    Kairos should get buzzed till he gets buzz. Pounds a shot of tequila for every missed box...

  88. Ronstar

    RonstarПре месец

    i already suppoted before this video was out i found it on google

  89. martin and the memer

    martin and the memerПре месец

    Did he take shaggy shirt?

  90. SANDY Legendary

    SANDY LegendaryПре месец

    I very happy for the gadgets comes

  91. Lois Nemeth

    Lois NemethПре месец

    Can we just give some respect for how good the art in the thumbnails are?

  92. KnightWolfe0220

    KnightWolfe0220Пре месец

    Will amber or poco get new gajets i hope so

  93. Tcapsa Andreijoaquin

    Tcapsa AndreijoaquinПре месец

    You should take a rest your eye's are really red

  94. Tom Amba

    Tom AmbaПре месец

    Does Frank's gadget work against Sandy's?

  95. Daniel Vidal

    Daniel VidalПре месец

    Scooby-Doo shaggy vibes

  96. Marlyn Belleza

    Marlyn BellezaПре месец

    I though the esl brawl stars was another raid shadow legends sponsor bc im gonna be soooooo mad

  97. Rocher Nogoy

    Rocher NogoyПре месец

    play store gift card giveaway pls

  98. Archana Humane

    Archana HumaneПре месец

    Do you have a morpher in your hand?

  99. Panda H.C

    Panda H.CПре месец

    Nice T-shirt :)

  100. Birb

    BirbПре месец

    Eyo why Kairos look like Shaggy lmao

  101. Cas Bokdam

    Cas BokdamПре месец

    Shaving ur head until u get buzz

  102. NL stx

    NL stxПре месец

    Guys Play Wild Rift

  103. Hosea Josh Abawag

    Hosea Josh AbawagПре месец

    Should I play brawl star again? I quoted cuz I’m so bad at the game xD

  104. Hosea Josh Abawag

    Hosea Josh AbawagПре месец

    Since no one respond I decided for myself to play it again BUT with new acc

  105. Pepsi Man

    Pepsi ManПре месец

    eating dinosaur meat until i get buzz

  106. catto sad

    catto sadПре месец

    I have entered the give away kairos

  107. Hanzo

    HanzoПре месец

    Sandies second sp name should be healing storm