BUZZ OLYMPICS! | 14 Tests! | The BROKEN Assassin!

New Brawler BUZZ OLYMPICS! | Update Info \u0026 Gameplay | KairosTime
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It's time for the BUZZ Olympics! In this update sneak peek I'm going to compare Buzz to EVERY Brawler in the game in 14 Olympics Tests! In the Brawl Stars Olympics, we'll be able to find out what Buzz's strengths \u0026 weaknesses are, and show some gameplay to explain Buzz's gadget, 1st \u0026 2nd Star Power, and show how strong he is in each game mode!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец

    Do you think Buzz will BREAK the game?! SUB for Sneak Peeks! (and use code kairos)

  2. DexterDrubo ANIMZ-

    DexterDrubo ANIMZ-Пре 11 сати

    ​@Outfit7mass BS toy story reference

  3. sebastian uribe manzano

    sebastian uribe manzanoПре 27 дана

    Aaaaaannddddd he did

  4. Universpro

    UniversproПре месец

    His ability should deal damage

  5. BRANDON nova2

    BRANDON nova2Пре месец

    I don’t the he will do it like what Edgar did

  6. Arifa Akter

    Arifa AkterПре месец

    Buzz i kinda like rosa bit i like his super👍👍

  7. FakeGamer4027GG

    FakeGamer4027GGПре дан

    Buzz:OP! Emz;ahh no stress😁 🤬

  8. lars thememelord

    lars thememelordПре 6 дана

    what do buzz and throwers have in common? they both benifit from hiding behind walls

  9. Liam Lavelle 2000

    Liam Lavelle 2000Пре 8 дана

    Best brawlers we have had for a while. I really I feel like supercell have been pushing out a lot of rush brawls. But with buzz I feel like he's well done!

  10. Joaquin Novoa

    Joaquin NovoaПре 9 дана

    I thought buzz was the last member of the superhero trio with max and surge

  11. leilani

    leilaniПре 13 дана

    Your playing with bots

  12. Mr.Di's brother

    Mr.Di's brotherПре 13 дана

    It should be a Buzzylimpics

  13. Graciëlla Am

    Graciëlla AmПре 17 дана


  14. Hannes Rodriguez

    Hannes RodriguezПре 18 дана

    Could you not use his stun on the survival test?

  15. magma slime

    magma slimeПре 20 дана

    Go to 2.27 and start then look at Buzz'ez head its acully funny

  16. Kairav Krishna

    Kairav KrishnaПре 20 дана

    But if u use buzz’s gadget he has the fastest super charge

  17. Kit Olsen

    Kit OlsenПре 21 дан

    There is a awosome thing about buzz that I have found out when buzz is near an enemy so if a brawler is in a Bush buzz can instantly see that his super charges so he knows the brawler is in the Bush

  18. Kit Olsen

    Kit OlsenПре 21 дан

    There is a awesome thing about buzz that when abrawler is in his circle his supercharged so he can see them in abush because his super will charge

  19. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentПре 21 дан

    5:06 I mean yea he’s a lifeguard Kairos

  20. Brian Fernandez

    Brian FernandezПре 22 дана

    “BuzzAssin” can someone explain I don’t understand

  21. Cheezy Gaming

    Cheezy GamingПре 18 дана


  22. outofideasexe

    outofideasexeПре 24 дана

    Buzz is really fun, but only for the one playing him, the team having to deal with a decent buzz won't have fun

  23. Garcello

    GarcelloПре 25 дана

    Godzilla lite

  24. Ghosted

    GhostedПре 25 дана

    A lifeguard being good at dives. In other news the sky is blue

  25. Костя Киндалюк

    Костя КиндалюкПре 26 дана

    Supercell can't release a new Brawl Stars brawler, which is not overpowered as hell

  26. Squeak

    SqueakПре 28 дана

    So béa voice lines were telling us two things. The new brawler buzz and his first attack move. Remeber bea says buzz off?

  27. Coconut Player77

    Coconut Player77Пре 29 дана

    Bibi in scull test

  28. Dank Pillow

    Dank PillowПре месец

    im starting to think that this is a supercell strat: get a new season out along with a broken brawler so that kids buy gems to get said brawler then once the season is over they nerf it

  29. Kevin Sun

    Kevin SunПре месец

    6:29 11240 *damage*

  30. Arthur Rodrigues Penizolo Alves

    Arthur Rodrigues Penizolo AlvesПре месец

    You already know that the buzz name is from toy story

  31. InShot J - Brawl Stars

    InShot J - Brawl StarsПре месец

    Sugishi hi wo itsuwaru mono yatsura wa zouo subeki teki da Ano hi donna koe de kotoba de oretachi wo katatteita Nani wo manabeba akuma wo mo hofureru? Gijutsu demo senjutsu demo subete muda ni nado shinai Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo! Subete no doryoku wa ima, kono toki no tame ni! Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo! Utau beki shouri wo sono te de tsukamitore! Etai no shirenai bakemono ga hito to nita tsura wo shiteyagaru Kono yo kara ippiki nokorazu yatsura wo kuchiku shiteyaru Saisho ni iidashita no wa dare ka? sonna koto oboechainai ga Wasurerarenai ikari ga aru kanarazu kuchiku shiteyaru Aa... erabikuita michi no saki wa donna basho ni tsunagatteiru? Tada... sasagererareta inochi wo kate ni saku toutoki higan no Sieg Yakusoku no chi wa rakuen no hate Ano hi jinrui wa omoidashita Yatsura ni shihai sareteita kyoufu wo Torikago no naka ni torawareteita kutsujoku wo Tasogare wo yumiya wa kakeru tsubasa wo seoi Sono kiseki ga jiyuu e no michi to naru Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo! Subete no kunan wa ima kono toki no tame ni Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo! Hakanaki inochi wo moeru yumiya ni kaete Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo! Hokoru beki kiseki wo sono mi de egakidase

  32. Mecha crow

    Mecha crowПре месец

    I do lego brawl stars vids check it out and great job kairos

  33. Clobus Bobus

    Clobus BobusПре месец

    In the survival test you could have stunned the bot for a bit go further away but still in the bots range to maximize stun.

  34. Cory Anderson

    Cory AndersonПре месец

    He has way too low of health to do well imo. He is hard countered by tanks I don’t think he will be good with out a health buff or healer paired with him

  35. Nikic player

    Nikic playerПре месец

    He is gonna get nerfed 100%.

  36. Viktor Weber

    Viktor WeberПре месец

    Please eat dinosaur vitamín gummies in ur trying to get buzz video

  37. Diego Montero

    Diego MonteroПре месец

    wow,he has area even with his super

  38. Matt

    MattПре месец

    His proximity super charge has an indirect utility in showdown as well, if he suddenly starts charging super with no enemies in sight then you immediately know that there's an enemy hidden somewhere relatively close by. Which is like having a mini radar of sorts.

  39. Slavka Demonas

    Slavka DemonasПре месец

    So if leon invisible and leon enters buzz circle he will charge super if yes then rip invissible leons

  40. Alberto_thethug

    Alberto_thethugПре месец

    His range can actually tell if an enemy is hiding nearby omg ip

  41. JuanDiLink

    JuanDiLinkПре месец

    brol wtf did you see that nani moving with ultimate

  42. Oscar Brown

    Oscar BrownПре месец

    Buoy 😂😂😂


    ZEKOZIKПре месец


  44. Roisse xaria Barba

    Roisse xaria BarbaПре месец

    Can we just a appriciate all the hard work this took?

  45. Ice Cream

    Ice CreamПре месец

    idk but I'm kinda hyped for your another challenge

  46. Gregor Kováč

    Gregor KováčПре месец

    Brilliant video !!!

  47. Natey Boi

    Natey BoiПре месец

    5:09 why didnt kairos use the super

  48. Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson68Пре месец

    Jesus Christ is king

  49. Rektツ

    RektツПре месец

    Are u already able to do a Brawl pass reveal?

  50. GamingChipz

    GamingChipzПре месец

    Who else is saving is gems for buzz?

  51. DavPlayz

    DavPlayzПре месец

    5:23 kairos forgots u can stun the bot ;-;*

  52. Pancake

    PancakeПре месец

    I am one of the people who are more excited about Ruffs' drop rate being epic :/

  53. naoya kou

    naoya kouПре месец

    I've been wondering If Kairos were to make a Unboxing challenge would he chug water for every box that he opens that doesn't have buzz or he will eat dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets

  54. Wander Filho

    Wander FilhoПре месец

    5:18 why cant buz to be better at this test just stun the robot to get a better score


    TAN TIN CHANG MoeПре месец

    i will get buzz

  56. İbrahim Çakır

    İbrahim ÇakırПре месец

    Türkiyeden Selamlar

  57. wk_wolf killer

    wk_wolf killerПре месец

    Should i buy himmm?

  58. Thezack 2008

    Thezack 2008Пре месец

    Ohh thx kairos for show me the range who inside him


    REYLI FUENTESПре месец

    im sorry but you gave so many tips and tricks to so many people, if someone that watched this video and had buzz then they are the going god mode

  60. Proven

    ProvenПре месец

    Try to count the amount of times that Kairos says “keep that in mind”

  61. Avery Baker

    Avery BakerПре месец

    He's not gonna break the game, but hes gonna break heist with his super

  62. ALTER-pogo man

    ALTER-pogo manПре месец

    an el primo with the attack mechanic of Leon and the health of Nita and he has a reverse gene super.

  63. Shreeharsh A

    Shreeharsh AПре месец

    Who edited this? I really like jean, dynamic and boron

  64. Xavier Sparks

    Xavier SparksПре месец

    Nobody: Buzz:Its covid19 social distancing

  65. Trollge

    TrollgeПре месец

    0:30 why is this interpolated It looks so frickin bad I really like the original animation

  66. Samuel Consuegra

    Samuel ConsuegraПре месец

    Why does supercell have to make every chromatic brawler broken and then nerf them hard. Everyone already knows buzz is gonna be op just make him balanced from the start

  67. Tanjiro :D

    Tanjiro :DПре месец

    Buzz super is like el primos John cena jump but the wall doesn’t break

  68. Eduardo Andrés Michelena Semidey

    Eduardo Andrés Michelena SemideyПре месец

    I always wanted pool party renekton in brawl stars

  69. Jake T

    Jake TПре месец

    Who’s first in the race test

  70. ANR

    ANRПре месец

    Who is the rolling assassin? 🤔

  71. ANR

    ANRПре месец

    @KairosTime Gaming pls respond i really wanna know if darryl is an assassin or not🥺🥺🥺

  72. ANR

    ANRПре месец

    @KairosTime Gaming Isn't he a Heavyweight

  73. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец


  74. ΜΤ

    ΜΤПре месец

    I wonder what challenge Kairos will do to unlock Buzz

  75. Jaπar S.

    Jaπar S.Пре месец

    It will be cool that buzz future gadget is a pool marced by his circle and tbe teamates that are in get cured

  76. ZDY

    ZDYПре месец

    How come I don't see him in the game? Just had update. No buzz in the game

  77. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyПре месец

    He releases when the brawl pass releases ://


    BLACK THUNDERПре месец

    he can take down trio by stunning them he'll rock the game


    KARAS KELADAПре месец

    NOBODY IS GONNA DOWNLOAD YOUR APP sorry I’m talking to the ad

  80. Ryan Britton

    Ryan BrittonПре месец

    Hes gonna be so op. Which is actually bad for him because he has a lot of cool concepts its just he is prolly going to be nerfed to death after a little while which is unfortunate. I hope supercell doesn’t go too hard with the nerf hammer.

  81. BRANDON nova2

    BRANDON nova2Пре месец

    I’m looking foward for tribe gaming troll maps,race

  82. BRANDON nova2

    BRANDON nova2Пре месец

    A bull camping:no one will find me.Buzz:How stupid can this bull be

  83. Jacob Manalo

    Jacob ManaloПре месец

    Watch super-cell instantly nerf buzz after it's release.

  84. MIN TUN

    MIN TUNПре месец

    I don’t like his normal pin that face on his pin I don’t like it

  85. MIN TUN

    MIN TUNПре месец

    Buzz is so OP so happy I have enough gems 😃

  86. Sanjay Raddder 8095013289

    Sanjay Raddder 8095013289Пре месец

    Becomes a life guard because he did not get buzz

  87. Every Clip

    Every ClipПре месец

    When I saw you talk about ropes, it immediately occured to me that it has something to do with fisherman from clash royale, and here it is :D

  88. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical MortisПре месец

    Can you release charts that show all the data from everything

  89. Virtual_Spy

    Virtual_SpyПре месец

    Kairos would I be able to friendly battle you pls

  90. Virtual_Spy

    Virtual_SpyПре месец

    Pls reply and if u do I’ll give u my friend code

  91. Virtual_Spy

    Virtual_SpyПре месец


  92. sage wall

    sage wallПре месец

    He kinda reminds me of pool party renekton (from Lol),both are lifeguards and both are reptiles, except that buzz is a lot smaller than renekton

  93. Elias

    EliasПре месец

    Buzzassin just sounds wrong.... Buzz ass in 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. CraftGamerY11

    CraftGamerY11Пре месец

    Kairos new unboxing video:eating crocodile meat until i get buzz even do he is dinosaur instead of crocdile

  95. Happy xD

    Happy xDПре месец

    Buzz came out?

  96. Tarunna Messi

    Tarunna MessiПре месец

    Kairos eats dinosaurs to get buzz



    U can do a ddrinking a lot of water for buzz

  98. Blue

    BlueПре месец

    Suppercell = buzzz buzzzzz buzz hype hype Griff = """""""

  99. Hierarchy of Mood

    Hierarchy of MoodПре месец

    I am really scared of traits and what can happen with that

  100. ckamo10

    ckamo10Пре месец

    can he latch on teamates

  101. Sajal

    SajalПре месец

    Fun fact - after new update and somewhat 50 - 60 days supercell will nerf down buzz .. happened with every chromatic brawlers 👍

  102. thero.

    thero.Пре месец

    eating dino nuggies until i unlock buzz

  103. Zhylex YT

    Zhylex YTПре месец

    Heres a theory Buzz is *drumroll* SPIKE? There the same height and Buzzez stiches are the spikes from spike poking out of the suit being patched up???? What do you guys think?

  104. Zhylex YT

    Zhylex YTПре месец

    Oh WHOs this Guy?

  105. Shak Yong Sim

    Shak Yong SimПре месец

    Where's the code Kairos song😭

  106. Aritra Roy

    Aritra RoyПре месец

    Will griff release on the same day or on another date? I have 25+ b.boxes

  107. Thick Cat

    Thick CatПре месец

    Thanks god i watched this video i was about to spend my gems so because you helped me i will use your code when i buy brawl pass

  108. R & L Bros

    R & L BrosПре месец

    Me saving up my gems for centuries just to buy stinky bell then this overpowered brawler comes out the next season. 🙃🔫

  109. Mr.Jaguar Gaming

    Mr.Jaguar GamingПре месец

    I think buzz is the ultimate camper and it’s the new version of Shelly the camper

  110. Dark Doom

    Dark DoomПре месец

    Possible nerfs I see: Either less shots from whissle, or nerfed damage Gadget won't fully charge super Possible need more ticks to charge super Stun maybe be set to a single time instead of how long range is, or stun will be removed

  111. Adam Qadus

    Adam QadusПре месец

    2:29 reserve booey bahahaha

  112. Landon Goldsborough

    Landon GoldsboroughПре месец

    Why does Buzz's voice sound so much like CinnamonToastKen?

  113. Noobmaster69 69

    Noobmaster69 69Пре месец

    That shit is buzzing

  114. lisa villalta

    lisa villaltaПре месец

    I love buzz I'm a poco/support main but buzz seems really fun and easy I might drop poco for a while