30 HUGE Nerfs & Buffs! | New Skins Prices! [Update Info]

Balance Changes, New Skins, \u0026 Animated Pins! | KairosTime
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The Brawl Stars update is coming \u0026 I'm going to be covering balance changes, nerfs \u0026 buffs to each brawler, new skin animations, the release dates \u0026 gem costs for each new skin, and all of the new animated pins! All of these things are coming in the next Brawl Stars Update!

For this brawl stars update sneak peek, we're talking Balance Changes, Skins, \u0026 Pins!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец

    Which Brawler are you MOST excited to play after they got buffed?! SUB for SNEAK PEEKS! (and use code kairos)

  2. ptk gaming

    ptk gamingПре 19 дана

    is dino leon 79 or 149

  3. TheBigger Egg

    TheBigger EggПре 27 дана

    You said buffs but if it was nerfs I would say Stu

  4. Universpro

    UniversproПре месец


  5. Back.

    Back.Пре месец

    "Prehistoric throwing axes" teeth..?

  6. savitar

    savitarПре месец

    August 13th is my birthday

  7. Jur van Gemeren

    Jur van GemerenПре 9 дана

    Why does rosa not have the tank buff

  8. Hana Jaime

    Hana JaimeПре 9 дана

    My account got banned and when I see brawl stars vids I fell Wierd and no hard feeling but a little IN LOVE jk but my acc is still banned oooof


    OMG IS GG XDПре 12 дана

    When will el primo get a nerf every game mode I play there’s an el primo even in bounty they should revoke the auto charge of el primo from him the other tanks are over showdowed and it’s been far too long that they’ve ignored this issue el primos are not only in solos but every gamemode I even once got 2 el primos on the enemy team bb map 800+ trophies btw el primo nerf when

  10. Hawkeye legend

    Hawkeye legendПре 13 дана

    Can You do a brawl stars tier list again please, we miss that :(

  11. Isaac Espino

    Isaac EspinoПре 14 дана

    Why am I getting only coins in brawl boxes🙄😠

  12. Cristical

    CristicalПре 15 дана

    Use code spen

  13. MiNdCaNdY

    MiNdCaNdYПре 16 дана

    People get so angry in this game. Don't play it and ruin your personality.

  14. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 17 дана

    Bruh they killed stu and max in this update

  15. Cheezy Gaming

    Cheezy GamingПре 18 дана

    trash poco (why is his name i thought he is a trash can) has even reload sound changed

  16. Emiliano Aguilera

    Emiliano AguileraПре 18 дана

    i want to join tribe

  17. Shawn rb Perfect pattern

    Shawn rb Perfect patternПре 19 дана

    New skins prices ha what a joke

  18. #1saac

    #1saacПре 19 дана

    So much information ℹ️ I love it 🙂

  19. Christian Wade

    Christian WadeПре 22 дана

    On July 7th for people that dont have Leon will he be available to purchase from the shop as well as his skin?

  20. vincent mhendra

    vincent mhendraПре 22 дана

    Wow an other nerf what a surprise -_-

  21. bo nana

    bo nanaПре 25 дана

    Why doesnt rosa get the tank trait?

  22. Rimuru

    RimuruПре 25 дана

    Will jet ski jacky be like saloon 8bit where you can buy her whenever you want f you can get the option to buy her?

  23. FieryBread

    FieryBreadПре 26 дана

    whalewatch Nita and wicked Stu and must haves

  24. David Adrian O Mais Brabo

    David Adrian O Mais BraboПре 26 дана

    the fact that max's attack now spams 420 in the screen

  25. Ghosted

    GhostedПре 26 дана

    An update I want is for brawl pass exclusive skins to eventually be available in the gem shop for like 150 gems or something. Probably when the said brawler reaches their epic unlock rate so those who get it on time still get some exclusivity

  26. Bot 6 BS

    Bot 6 BSПре 27 дана

    Cool now I didn’t needed to purchase coach Mike now

  27. Joker Phoenix

    Joker PhoenixПре 28 дана

    They super nerfed tick in this update ¬¬

  28. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 27 дана

    Bro i Got Tick's 2nd gadget when update comes out 😑 But i Got squeak too

  29. Maksim Spirov

    Maksim SpirovПре 29 дана

    Thank you kairos for telling how much wicked stu cast

  30. Kartik The Tiger Simmba

    Kartik The Tiger SimmbaПре 29 дана

    I hate that tick nerf now i will never use tick's second gadget its trash now :(

  31. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 25 дана

    @Kartik The Tiger Simmba but it's still good

  32. Kartik The Tiger Simmba

    Kartik The Tiger SimmbaПре 25 дана

    @Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006 oh nice but also sad that you got tick second gadget :(

  33. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 27 дана

    But i Got squeak too

  34. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 27 дана

    I Got tick's 2nd gadget when update comes out 😑

  35. Theory_ BS

    Theory_ BSПре месец

    Kairos: Jeski Jackie 25000 to get it Me: Pushing to get star points Also me: Realizing its 25000 not 2500 and waiting for trophy league to end

  36. Hacker Minecraft

    Hacker MinecraftПре месец

    12:40 THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🤯.

  37. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 27 дана

    12:13 that's My sister's birthday

  38. El Coach Mexic

    El Coach MexicПре месец

    Karios Are the football master league skins anyone can take it

  39. Michael Buell

    Michael BuellПре месец

    I don't even play brawlstars much anymore but I always watch your videos

  40. L A U R A

    L A U R AПре месец

    I’m sad because Byron still didn’t get the skin 😔

  41. Lambo Fazbear

    Lambo FazbearПре месец

    How do i get ronin and goldarm clap pins if theyre not in the passes and i dont have them

  42. Birdo96

    Birdo96Пре месец

    Stu needs his knock back for his star power!

  43. ᴊᴏᴋᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    ᴊᴏᴋᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢПре месец

    bruh the no ammo thing is so dumb it ruined the game

  44. Finlay McArthur

    Finlay McArthurПре месец

    Look at the velocity of that spin!

  45. yungjoemighty

    yungjoemightyПре месец

    charging belle's super quicker is pointless as it can only be used on one player at a time

  46. Ben

    BenПре месец

    why do i have to wait so long for the nita skin smh

  47. Amateur ToxicTM

    Amateur ToxicTMПре месец

    Bye main Tick

  48. Wiley Coyote

    Wiley CoyoteПре месец

    Is nobody going to talk about UwU 8-bit-

  49. TheRobonatorLP

    TheRobonatorLPПре месец

    Hey viscious bibi wil be released on my birthday

  50. Kevnex 07

    Kevnex 07Пре месец

    Max star power: can i stay the same? I'm not too OP Supercell: n o Amber: lol autoaim goes fwooooo Supercell: haha you're right lmao

  51. Horacio Manzo

    Horacio ManzoПре месец

    I love the Latin American soccer skins

  52. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua ZoldyckПре месец

    That stu nerf is brutal... Fck

  53. Zikhem

    ZikhemПре месец

    1:12 I love how he cut the clip when the gem didn’t go where he predicted lol

  54. Jacob Huerta

    Jacob HuertaПре месец

    Red Bull gives you wings

  55. Raphaelpoh

    RaphaelpohПре месец

    9:50 149 gems*

  56. *Rico_ricochet*

    *Rico_ricochet*Пре месец

    I love how poco’s band is called “the bad randoms” 🤣🤣🤣

  57. Βασίλης Σταύρου

    Βασίλης ΣταύρουПре месец

    Ok so there is a new video with lady kairos and the new skins after the update ???

  58. SonGuru Kirby

    SonGuru KirbyПре месец

    I hate this respawn ammo depletion change. It absolutely kills my favorite Brawler, Mortis. Especially when he is running his Coiled Snake star power and Combo Spinner Gadget which is my favorite way to play mortis and Brawl Stars in general. I don't like his gadget that increases his reload speed because he won't have enough damage to get his kills. This is a huge change to the entire game just to balance one trash game mode that most people probably won't even play more than 3 times after they get the quest rewards for the mode. Most people play gem grab, Brawl ball, and showdown most anyway. I know I do even after I'm out of tokens to earn. That change is the worst in Brawl Stars history in my opinion. But maybe that's because it hits my favorite brawler the hardest

  59. JasonPlayzYT

    JasonPlayzYTПре месец

    When did the update happen mine didn’t do it yet

  60. ToxicUser

    ToxicUserПре месец

    Will Mortis ever get buffed? Every update, he is nerfed indirectly. He's legit garbage

  61. Walrus 5

    Walrus 5Пре месец

    nerf to last hurrah and no reload when spawning.... they probably killed tick

  62. SkyLxOudy

    SkyLxOudyПре месец

    this update is so cool

  63. Dodo Kuşu BS

    Dodo Kuşu BSПре месец

    İ think Bruce should bite

  64. Javier A. Álvarez

    Javier A. ÁlvarezПре месец

    Who else from Latam is gonna buy one of those Latin American skins just because they look like a Fake Shitpost? xD

  65. Zibuh

    ZibuhПре месец

    Nani was already a piss of shit than why did they nerf?

  66. Gustenas

    GustenasПре месец

    I would say say it was alot of unfair balances, like belle cmon it was the whole point of this brawler😢😢😢 i wuld nerf damege but not limit thats sad.

  67. Dragxnisbeststreamernocapnokizzysheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    DragxnisbeststreamernocapnokizzysheeeeeeeeeeeeeeshПре месец

    Has anyone else noticed that almost every time he does one of these, he is congested 😳

  68. Dani38

    Dani38Пре месец

    So bad randoms have no bassist? 😔

  69. The contest's Eclipso

    The contest's EclipsoПре месец

    I dont play this game but kiaros just makes his channel so fun to watch lol

  70. Ja'aku

    Ja'akuПре месец

    Yep...I'm done with this game

  71. Sal

    SalПре месец

    I completely agree with Stu’s nerf, because me who’s a Mortis guy cannot kill him what so ever because it just denied my dash/damage

  72. A random person on the internet

    A random person on the internetПре месец

    My go to game might not be brawl stars after this update

  73. Phantom Circuit

    Phantom CircuitПре месец

    i think that instead of gale slowing brawlers with his start power it should freeze like lou

  74. Brian Bustamante

    Brian BustamanteПре месец

    The no ammo after re spawn across the whole game is the worst idea they had in a while

  75. Capt. Carl 503

    Capt. Carl 503Пре месец

    I hate the 0 ammo respawn. Its really bad

  76. F is too short

    F is too shortПре месец

    I feel like the reloading with no ammo nerf wasn’t needed.

  77. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical MortisПре месец

    9:58 when he uses his super it looks like he uses the sally leon beach ball on the ground

  78. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical MortisПре месец

    16:07 I see what you did there

  79. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical MortisПре месец

    16:07 I see what you did there

  80. Mitsuri

    MitsuriПре месец

    I'm so sad that they did that to Nita..she's underage...

  81. AudrinaLikesPeni MW

    AudrinaLikesPeni MWПре месец

    Why would you buff Gale he's an annoying brawler

  82. Michael Bacina

    Michael BacinaПре месец

    Stu sucks

  83. Minecraft Survival

    Minecraft SurvivalПре месец

    Finally i wont have to buy coach mike for 149 gems


    BLACKAGEПре месец

    This video should surely blow up 🔥

  85. Invincible Games

    Invincible GamesПре месец

    I actually used to think 8 bit always boosted by 35%

  86. Jerome Ting

    Jerome TingПре месец

    "No ammo after respawn" Goodbye Mortis catch ball

  87. crxaka

    crxakaПре месец

    "Fixed issue on balon brawl where certain brawlers shoot the ball if they are already firing" Goodbye mortis trickshots.

  88. srocker

    srockerПре месец

    0 videos in almost 2 week b4 update! NICE!

  89. Jonathan Linderman

    Jonathan LindermanПре месец

    Well 3v3 modes just went down the drain

  90. Keshav verma✓

    Keshav verma✓Пре месец

    Thankyou sir

  91. Rain R.

    Rain R.Пре месец

    Damn, i just maxed Mortis to lvl 9. Then this update come out, with no ammo when respawn.

  92. me, i guess

    me, i guessПре месец

    for the clay pigeons buff (6:25) if you look at it frame by frame (tip: you can use . and , to go frame by frame on youtube) there no difference or maybe i am just blind.

  93. Segi Tiga Gaming

    Segi Tiga GamingПре месец

    Primos are jumping non stop even in sniper oriented maps...boring update....i can't believe my eyes when i saw primos keep hunting brawlers like stu and crow.... Two tanks caping zone n ican do anything bout it...they took dmg, they hide n heal up, the come back, repeat n they supers were charged with leading capping points....

  94. ASVP

    ASVPПре месец

    RSfire ads showing me a Barbie commercial…. Maybe I shouldn’t be watching this content

  95. Peepee poopoo Vdbhxvbcc

    Peepee poopoo VdbhxvbccПре месец

    Removing full ammo at respawn in the name of balance Is definitely gonna need to be reverted, i was trying to play a stick just a while ago and defence was rendered impossible because of his blasted reload speed

  96. Artz and Paintz

    Artz and PaintzПре месец

    The option to switch to no hat Mortis shouldnt exist

  97. kookie_ monster

    kookie_ monsterПре месец

    I love that poco skin and 1 more thing the release date of the skin is actually in my birthday😆

  98. cheesignoia

    cheesignoiaПре месец


  99. spiderXabhay []

    spiderXabhay []Пре месец

    What will happen when I get bibi skin I don't have bibi will I get bibi????

  100. Sin Chanthea

    Sin ChantheaПре месец


  101. Mathi L

    Mathi LПре месец

    No offense but Supercell fucked it up with the respawn/no ammo change 😡

  102. Steen154

    Steen154Пре месец

    Yay spawncamping is going to be a thing now

  103. GWC - Gaming with CHIME

    GWC - Gaming with CHIMEПре месец

    At this point they are just ruining brawl stars

  104. Gorjan Ivanov

    Gorjan IvanovПре месец

    Amazing video!

  105. Waffo.

    Waffo.Пре месец

    Is it just me or does gale sound like hes saying "shids today"

  106. PGI Michael Luke Mangussad

    PGI Michael Luke MangussadПре месец

    Still no skins for Byron 🐍😥

  107. Mortal Gamer

    Mortal GamerПре месец

    Nooo nerfs are soo bad whyyy

  108. MetaWarrior

    MetaWarriorПре месец

    0:22 Everyone gangnstyle till spawn kill starts happening #SpawnKillInBrawlStars

  109. Sis

    SisПре месец

    How are you supposed to defend your goal when you respawn without ammo.. wtf

  110. WarTiger80

    WarTiger80Пре месец

    16:00 thats the best emote in the game

  111. pk5l ouip

    pk5l ouipПре месец

    The update is out now, in SEA. It's really baddd idea to keep this update permanent. I can't enjoy playing it anymore. It's broken, tanks camping everywhere, it's stooopid, can't even defend ourselves if you use squishy brawlers. WHAT The hell man, I prefer not have new modes at all rather than spawning without ammo. This is the worstttt update ever, supercell screwed up. I I I... just can't play this way, gonna uninstall soon if it doesn't get resolution..

  112. MetaWarrior

    MetaWarriorПре месец

    @pk5l ouip yes Yes Yes

  113. pk5l ouip

    pk5l ouipПре месец

    @MetaWarrior Don't forget about new rules "no ammo".

  114. MetaWarrior

    MetaWarriorПре месец

    Actually the only bad part is really spawn kill The part of tanks is most because of the new "trait"

  115. Βαγγέλης Στεφανόπουλος

    Βαγγέλης ΣτεφανόπουλοςПре месец

    thank u Kairos because if i didn't know about the balance changes i would push my r29 MAX to r30 next season, but now that i know about the balance changes because of u i pushed my MAX to r30 and i finally did THANK U!!!!!!