EVERY Brawler 1v1 Olympics! | Who is STRONGEST?!

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Strongest Brawler Olympics! Every Brawler 1v1! | KairosTime
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For this video, I'm going to be putting EVERY Brawler in a massive Bracket \u0026 we're going to see which one is the BEST in a 1v1 situation! Each matchup will consist of best of 3. Attacks, only, Supers as well, \u0026 finally with gadgets if they help!

This Brawl Stars Olympics is going to help us determine the strongest brawler in the game by putting them all against each other in a 1v1! This is every brawler vs every brawler 1v1!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре 27 дана

    🦁 Install Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for free: clik.cc/Kairos_DHBM and enter the world as some of your favorite heroes! Which brawler do YOU think will win 1st place?!

  2. music of the week

    music of the weekПре 22 дана

    You show fake content

  3. music of the week

    music of the weekПре 22 дана


  4. outofideasexe

    outofideasexeПре 24 дана

    @Blazing Nitro k

  5. Storm

    StormПре 24 дана

    Bruh lady kairos would enjoy this

  6. *]ICEWaterACE bad;;[*

    *]ICEWaterACE bad;;[*Пре 24 дана

    I already have the game!, I'm at level 172!.

  7. Josh Dylan Piscala

    Josh Dylan PiscalaПре 17 сати

    atleast el primo is the best at clown stars

  8. Matteo Aoun

    Matteo AounПре дан

    How did Shelly win?

  9. tik tok

    tik tokПре 2 дана

    I always win who me G A L E A N D M Y Son J .e E

  10. tik tok

    tik tokПре 2 дана

    My son name iS

  11. Eelis Sahlsten

    Eelis SahlstenПре 2 дана

    Me when I see the finalists: This is about to be real dirty

  12. azmar farooq

    azmar farooqПре 3 дана

    shelly is not the best in my opinion her super needs to be nerfed she' s the starting brawler who gives a starting brawler so much damage

  13. Aufal BG

    Aufal BGПре 3 дана

    Shally is scary

  14. Alicia McNeal

    Alicia McNealПре 3 дана


  15. 「 Lnicole 」

    「 Lnicole 」Пре 3 дана

    Piper : always with brawlers that can counter piper

  16. ForgeXGames

    ForgeXGamesПре 3 дана

    Literally every brawler if they were on their respective maps: Happy brawlers noises.

  17. Idk

    IdkПре 4 дана

    15:57 yea because I’m not a girl

  18. ᅠᅠ᲼឵឵‎ٴٴ

    ᅠᅠ᲼឵឵‎ٴٴПре 4 дана

    He did Lou dirty. I wanted him to win :/.

  19. Maxi gamers

    Maxi gamersПре 4 дана

    I feel that kairos is santa cuz when he says no instead of saying no normal he says nOhohohoho!

  20. Gaming_ froq

    Gaming_ froqПре 5 дана

    how do you get griff if you can get him

  21. Marcello

    MarcelloПре 5 дана

    The first the best

  22. BeastlyDragoon

    BeastlyDragoonПре 5 дана

    My randoms after seeing the end:

  23. Swati Pawar

    Swati PawarПре 6 дана

    Primo in shodown is Broken

  24. tony e po gotin ot teb razbrali

    tony e po gotin ot teb razbraliПре 6 дана

    I thought that shelly is the worst brawler

  25. tony e po gotin ot teb razbrali

    tony e po gotin ot teb razbraliПре 4 дана

    @ninjacoolroblox camping is typing

  26. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 5 дана

    yeah she's bad in real matches but she's good in close range encounters

  27. TylerPlays123 Game

    TylerPlays123 GameПре 6 дана

    Jacky can actually kill darryl

  28. Evan thomas Lam

    Evan thomas LamПре 7 дана

    i see shelly-waits for edgar to use super then supers edgar frank-doesnt kairos-puts tara and emz so that they deal around an equal damage also kairos-puts shelly next to brawlers HMMMM

  29. fatSouvlaki

    fatSouvlakiПре 7 дана

    Who and what is griff

  30. Scutlix

    ScutlixПре 7 дана

    To actually find the best brawler you need to 1v1 every brawler against every brawler.

  31. Scutlix

    ScutlixПре 7 дана

    I just realized. Be easy on me I am tired 😂

  32. Alexander Rieken

    Alexander RiekenПре 7 дана

    It wasn't fair for many brawlers because many are better at longer range but you put them right next to each other.

  33. Rafał Marasz

    Rafał MaraszПре 8 дана

    Why you don’t have 1000000 subs

  34. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 5 дана

    hes close to it, he can probably get 1 mil by 2022

  35. lalmuanpuia vaiphei

    lalmuanpuia vaipheiПре 8 дана

    i know that disney hero's battle lot of people know

  36. Frane Coza

    Frane CozaПре 9 дана

    Why did shelly win boo!!@#$@##

  37. Pico

    PicoПре 9 дана

    i use code kairos

  38. Pico

    PicoПре 9 дана

    Kairos: K-A-I-R-O-S code Kairos in the Brawl Stars shop me: i got u


    BRIAN LEEПре 10 дана


  40. Betül Tozcu

    Betül TozcuПре 10 дана


  41. Revelia Jornsek

    Revelia JornsekПре 10 дана

    U did the shooters dirty man

  42. ThatOneAqua

    ThatOneAquaПре 10 дана

    Using el primo →Getting killed by bull Using bull →getting killed by shelly Using shelly→getting killed by el primo

  43. Crazy Playz

    Crazy PlayzПре 11 дана

    Did only me notice that shelly had her starpower to heal in Round 1 final?🤔

  44. Zyrell Aspan

    Zyrell AspanПре 11 дана

    What is a sponsor and disney?

  45. Zaul T. Gonzalez

    Zaul T. GonzalezПре 11 дана

    He did the worst match ups

  46. NilOtaku

    NilOtakuПре 11 дана

    always knew, shelly is the best brawler of all time haters criticize

  47. Josh Ade

    Josh AdeПре 12 дана

    Well done shelley, can we vary the range next time please Kairos?

  48. InfernoSpeed

    InfernoSpeedПре 12 дана

    Crow: dodges ricos super with jump Edgar: no I'm not gonna dodge Shelly's super

  49. jack shirak

    jack shirakПре 12 дана

    that beard looks legendary on you kt

  50. Dragos Popa

    Dragos PopaПре 12 дана

    Darryl NO!!!!!!!!

  51. Jesusinhaise

    JesusinhaiseПре 12 дана

    Hi. Idk if this msg will get to you (i hope it does). I stopped playing brawl stars because of the lag here in Mozambique, Africa. I ask that you talk to Supercell to open a server here on Africa. It's really unplayable. I have to rely on chance to win. Please. I know only you can convince them. Make a poll or something to prove to them that they will profit from it.

  52. Tural Musazade

    Tural MusazadeПре 13 дана

    Omg why does tanks come vs sharpshooter, how can barley stand bull or how can Leon stand primo😧

  53. Tural Musazade

    Tural MusazadeПре 10 дана

    Yeah they cant

  54. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана

    answer: they can't

  55. Nothing

    NothingПре 13 дана

    It's a good idea to put Crow against whoever he himself counters and Leon against a tank at such close range.

  56. Chloe Lee

    Chloe LeeПре 13 дана

    The starter brawler is the best... wow Than, Shelly should be a legendary!

  57. Chloe Lee

    Chloe LeeПре 10 дана

    @ninjacoolroblox from rank 10 to rank 20 Shelly is op

  58. Chloe Lee

    Chloe LeeПре 10 дана

    @ninjacoolroblox no, because now after watching this, I found that Shelly is actually rlly good, and I pushed her to rank 20 now

  59. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана

    are you making a joke

  60. I Iii

    I IiiПре 14 дана

    But sprout can win 2

  61. Demonic Dragon

    Demonic DragonПре 14 дана

    To be honest like when the brawlers wait for each other to land they should both use their supers at the same time. But good vid kairos! ❤️

  62. Anti-Noober

    Anti-NooberПре 14 дана

    And that's why even a Starter brawler can dominate some things

  63. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony NguyenПре 15 дана

    I was rooting for Shelly all along. Also how many of you guys have Star Shelly skin.

  64. Hello? Little Caesars?

    Hello? Little Caesars?Пре 15 дана

    Already have Disney heroes battle mode

  65. Joshua Jatmiko

    Joshua JatmikoПре 15 дана

    Hey kairos, how bout 1 brawler vs all? that way you can rank them via how many kills they can get

  66. Xel

    XelПре 15 дана

    Huh,who knew shelly was actually going to be on top?

  67. Joseph Medrano

    Joseph MedranoПре 15 дана

    I have Disney heros allready

  68. Rozi gamer

    Rozi gamerПре 16 дана

    This is all set up . Of course the better player wins always i mean he kept piper near so othere can have advantage why didnt he kept piper away

  69. CHEUNG Wing Yin

    CHEUNG Wing YinПре 16 дана

    shelly is the best brawler in the world i just dont understand why they put her in the zero trophie grade

  70. Sye - brawlstars

    Sye - brawlstarsПре 17 дана


  71. Cole Miner

    Cole MinerПре 17 дана

    Who woulda thunk that the first character is so good

  72. Hello Neighbor - Official Channel

    Hello Neighbor - Official ChannelПре 17 дана

    We start with the strongest brawler nice

  73. -Nat3 3pic gam3r-

    -Nat3 3pic gam3r-Пре 17 дана


  74. X O

    X OПре 18 дана

    Kairos : 1v1 Olympics Tank brawlers : hello there

  75. Ahmed Ebrahim

    Ahmed EbrahimПре 18 дана

    Maybe primo would have won if he use first gadget

  76. ZestyNut

    ZestyNutПре 18 дана

    Congratulations brawl stars you have made the starting brawler the most strongest brawler 👏👏👏

  77. FairyFightSGT

    FairyFightSGTПре 18 дана

    I love your videos and used code kairos when i bought 170 gems to get the brawl pass!

  78. Douggotchu

    DouggotchuПре 19 дана

    These tests arnt overall 1v1s these are just close range 1v1s

  79. Nuclear Kid

    Nuclear KidПре 19 дана

    shelly wins every single 1v1 interaction with her super. it is an unstoppable nuke that obliterates anything foolish enough to try to get close to shelly.

  80. Bolt Outta Here

    Bolt Outta HereПре 19 дана

    Without factoring in range or mobility i don't see what purpose this vid serves honestly

  81. Star power Gaming

    Star power GamingПре 19 дана

    The starting brawler: the champion

  82. Ahmad Benyamin Shirazzi

    Ahmad Benyamin ShirazziПре 19 дана

    supercell really need to nerf shelly's super

  83. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана


  84. Big CHUNGUS

    Big CHUNGUSПре 19 дана

    Where piper though?

  85. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана


  86. Deivi Shyti With Funny Clips

    Deivi Shyti With Funny ClipsПре 19 дана

    Hi I left brawl start for like 4-5 months and now I'm back!

  87. Jan van Bolderick

    Jan van BolderickПре 20 дана

    He did crow SOOOOO dirty el primo waited for crow to land and then used super, but what if crow waited for el primo to land and then used super then it would be turned around. RIGGED

  88. DragonMaster

    DragonMasterПре 20 дана

    shelly is the best brawler in the game oh sorry i thought its 2019

  89. BS GUY

    BS GUYПре 20 дана

    I'm way better at Disney heroes than you Kairos...well because I've had it for a few years

  90. CatPawGames

    CatPawGamesПре 20 дана

    Fun fact: Shelly description includes, ‘Her super keeps enemies at a distance’.

  91. Gabriel Cu

    Gabriel CuПре 20 дана

    The Bibi vs Nita round 2, seems like Bibi didn't use her super



    its me or nani just get in 3# place?

  93. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана


  94. Gaming with ash

    Gaming with ashПре 20 дана

    Buzz: feel my floaty! Shelly: nope *knocks buzz out of his super and finishes him off with one ammo*.

  95. MegaNaze

    MegaNazeПре 20 дана

    Lol while watching I got an ad about brawlstars

  96. Fancy chicken

    Fancy chickenПре 21 дан

    You should have used two of Colette's shots then the super as it kills all brawlers, it's a question of speed then

  97. Micah Doerksen

    Micah DoerksenПре 21 дан


  98. Psyche 16 YT

    Psyche 16 YTПре 21 дан

    With the new update Stu can't win

  99. Cap

    CapПре 21 дан

    It was entertaining but so unsatisfing that the Battles were so random that i have to dislike

  100. its XED

    its XEDПре 21 дан

    Remember kids, if shelly wins the first round... don't bother with the other two

  101. its XED

    its XEDПре 21 дан

    The only brawler that can take down the mighty shield of Rosa.... Does shelly even need a buff?

  102. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана


  103. Phoenix Gaming

    Phoenix GamingПре 21 дан

    There were a couple of matchups were something went wrong, mainly from x brawler waits for other brawler to use super, for example "Shelly waits for Edgar to use his super" but Edgar could have waited for shelly to use her super.

  104. Ibrahim Adam

    Ibrahim AdamПре 21 дан

    0:31 it’s a coincidence how Colette is 1v1ing Mr.P since Colette is a start park worker and Mr.P is the owner of Starr park :]

  105. AJ—BS

    AJ—BSПре 22 дана

    “Alright I guess now would be the time to push Shelly” *drops 80 trophies*

  106. Tony Wang

    Tony WangПре 22 дана

    Well it actually very depending on the skill and movement to judge the shots for each brawler so it is hard to judge imo

  107. music of the week

    music of the weekПре 22 дана

    No gale wins

  108. Dhillon Z

    Dhillon ZПре 22 дана

    What starting brawler is best brawler

  109. Alexander Wee

    Alexander WeeПре 22 дана

    ._. Darryl could’ve won el primo if u hadn’t used his gadget

  110. BRANDON nova2

    BRANDON nova2Пре 22 дана

    Squeak next gadget should,activate all his bombs

  111. Usayd Al Siddiq

    Usayd Al SiddiqПре 22 дана

    You really did Mortis favours by putting him against like 3 of the only 6 brawlers he counters

  112. Math_kinda_sucks xinxing li

    Math_kinda_sucks xinxing liПре 23 дана

    wtf crow didn't do any damage with his super

  113. Arya Awat

    Arya AwatПре 23 дана

    Shelly: evreyone is scared of me :D Brawlers: *shakes* Shelly: im an legendary!!!!

  114. Washy_YT

    Washy_YTПре 23 дана

    Nope -Kairos

  115. TF:_:GOD

    TF:_:GODПре 23 дана


  116. TF:_:GOD

    TF:_:GODПре 23 дана

    Kairos I love ur utube can u press the link and send me friend request

  117. ninjacoolroblox

    ninjacoolrobloxПре 10 дана

    kairos friending you because you are a fan would be unfair to everyone else

  118. TF:_:GOD

    TF:_:GODПре 23 дана


  119. Patrick Gilligan

    Patrick GilliganПре 23 дана

    Tara shot before Jessie that wasn't fair

  120. Just A J

    Just A JПре 23 дана

    A game where default character is champion🤣