My Update Review might TRIGGER you...

100% Honest Update Review - Brawl Stars Concerns| KairosTime
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For this video, I'm going to share my 100% honest thoughts on the most recent update. Be warned that I have some complaints I'd like to make about the game \u0026 I have some concerns about it's future. Even still, we had an awesome update \u0026 I'm going to talk about all of that!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре 29 дана

    How would YOU rate this Brawl Stars update?! Sub Code Kairos

  2. אופק עמרני

    אופק עמרניПре 9 дана

    It's hard to unlock jetski jacky

  3. fytdiot

    fytdiotПре 10 дана

    buzz >:(

  4. Shawn rb Perfect pattern

    Shawn rb Perfect patternПре 19 дана

    Ladder ladder ladder matches

  5. Leah Abiye

    Leah AbiyeПре 21 дан


  6. D Gamer RMBS

    D Gamer RMBSПре 24 дана

    I’m I would rate 8 / 10 cause it isn’t a total pay to play game like most

  7. Games GrDzR

    Games GrDzRПре 4 сата

    what about like making a server for survival & the random players will join & play on that server!

  8. MatsieEgO :D

    MatsieEgO :DПре 5 сати

    I think they should have the skin come in everyones shop at the start of the power league season, it’ll cost 25k star points as always but you can like play 50 matches of power league and get a 10k star point discount or a 15k star point discount. It makes you play power league to get the skin for an easier price. And if you don’t like playing power league that much you can just pay the full price or it could encourage you to play more power league for the discount.

  9. Mauricio Tapia

    Mauricio TapiaПре дан

    I didn't know that after the 50 wins you had to buy her so now I've thrown like 5 hours of my life away

  10. Levi

    LeviПре дан

    Tbh brawl stars has been giving me negativity since 2 months like I don’t want to play it but I have to I like it I think brawl stars should do something about this and I’m free to play so u need to work very hard to get a mega box and when u get a 5 my heart just breaks and all I need is a Leon and every box I earn I pray everytime that it’s a Leon but no its not so I think brawl stars should push the percentage of u getting rarities



    I rather use my rewards to buy mecha bo skins

  12. StarBerry

    StarBerryПре 2 дана

    Saloon 8-bit was Pain in the ass... Change my *mind*

  13. Rose Bolanos

    Rose BolanosПре 4 дана

    I like your beard 🧔‍♂️

  14. Galit Mode

    Galit ModeПре 5 дана

    50 wins in power league are they serious come on at list 30 win

  15. 30 Kartik Jain 7A

    30 Kartik Jain 7AПре 7 дана


  16. Aidan Pang

    Aidan PangПре 10 дана

    Me grinding power league last season for 6 hours wondering if I could get the saloon 8-bit skin…….

  17. Jesusinhaise

    JesusinhaiseПре 12 дана

    Hi. Idk if this msg will get to you (i hope it does). I stopped playing brawl stars because of the lag here in Mozambique, Africa. I ask that you talk to Supercell to open a server here on Africa. It's really unplayable. I have to rely on chance to win. Please. I know only you can convince them. Make a poll or something to prove to them that they will profit from it.

  18. Mark Costantini

    Mark CostantiniПре 13 дана

    If you spavn with 1 amo Bibis star powers become useles (this also counts for Mortis and Spraut) because you need to refil your amo for ability bar to fil up

  19. Mark Costantini

    Mark CostantiniПре 13 дана

    Supercell shuld fix that in some way

  20. Hawkeye legend

    Hawkeye legendПре 13 дана

    They should make an option where if you missed a free skin you can reclaim it later, after you missed it

  21. Hawkeye legend

    Hawkeye legendПре 13 дана

    Great Review

  22. Owen Kilcup

    Owen KilcupПре 14 дана

    I have kinda just been playing quests and then logging off so thanks for addressing this

  23. Jonathan Fernandez

    Jonathan FernandezПре 14 дана

    So true

  24. BlueFuziax

    BlueFuziaxПре 14 дана

    The quest to get the skin of jacky should be free but maybe a little bit more matches to win lik 65 or 75

  25. Pixel Boi

    Pixel BoiПре 15 дана

    Kairos missing his buzz stun 5:11

  26. Hannes Rodriguez

    Hannes RodriguezПре 15 дана

    No offense but I think u forgot it's not a requirement to get every skin and every reward possible

  27. Hannes Rodriguez

    Hannes RodriguezПре 15 дана

    Just push trophies instead u gotta play them all

  28. AIRJAE

    AIRJAEПре 15 дана

    I mean sure quest may not be fun but if you do them you get rewards and plus you can just not do the quest

  29. Rocket Cycle Gaming

    Rocket Cycle GamingПре 15 дана

    I think you should unlock power league skin for free once you complete

  30. Mr. Otter

    Mr. OtterПре 16 дана

    I think that the amount of reloads you have should be based on brawler like piper and gene take forever to reload so maybe give them like to ammo instead of one

  31. Boris Dziad

    Boris DziadПре 18 дана

    most of us accept the fact that we’re not super sweaty. It just takes time. Just play a lil bit of everything and you will enjoy it

  32. Paradexon

    ParadexonПре 18 дана

    That 50 win triggered me sooo badly bc i thought it would just give you it when u got 50 wins i grinded in one day 42 wins and when i noticed that u had to buy it i almost threw my phone from fourth floor

  33. Ryan Gaming

    Ryan GamingПре 18 дана

    Suggestion for powerleague skin : If you play 1 match of power league, you unlock the option to buy it for 25 000 starpoints, if you win 50 matches, the price is discounted to 2500 starpoins or 5000. Therefore people dont need to grind

  34. AAfragz

    AAfragzПре 18 дана

    Kairos is thinking hypothetically about a game mod maker, but we all know it’s not hypothetical

  35. Âłphâkîñgʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Âłphâkîñgʕ•ᴥ•ʔПре 18 дана

    I HATE WIN 50 MATCHES!!!!!!!!

  36. Shawn rb Perfect pattern

    Shawn rb Perfect patternПре 19 дана

    And talk about ladder matches super cell is digging in my pockets

  37. Shawn rb Perfect pattern

    Shawn rb Perfect patternПре 19 дана

    Yea I feel yea on the quest thing but power Leave avoid hate the count down

  38. Chase Silvestri

    Chase SilvestriПре 19 дана

    Kairos: a infinite super modifier Max: I am sped Stu: vroom vroom Leon and sandy: cya Dynamike: haha boom Poco: I am immortal Bibi: want some gum Colonel ruffs: *N* *U* *K* *E*

  39. Susan Demske

    Susan DemskeПре 19 дана

    For volley brawl I haven’t played it but I think they should make it so you take a amount of health exp. 500 when your on the enemy side just so you can’t camp and stuff

  40. Susan Demske

    Susan DemskeПре 19 дана

    My opinion for power league is the games take to long to start so I don’t play lol

  41. Jk-Brawl Stars

    Jk-Brawl StarsПре 20 дана

    Finally someone's understanding my feelings😀😀. Thanks kairos!

  42. Pleb

    PlebПре 20 дана


  43. Noel

    Noel Пре 20 дана

    grinding quests is very agreeable it wasn't when you tried to catch up

  44. Ismaeil Mohammed

    Ismaeil MohammedПре 21 дан

    me *logs in after new update* supercell: 1-WiN 5O GAmeS T0 UnL0CK ThE OPti0n t0 bUY A 25000 StARP0ints skin 2-make you lose all ammo when responding 3-nerf mortis (my favourite brawler that I am a pro at using) in brawl ball so badly 4-make primo and buzz op 5-Give me siege and hot potato (hiest map) every power league game 9 times in a row 6-I got *ZERO* brawlers in more than 6 months

  45. Ismaeil Mohammed

    Ismaeil MohammedПре 21 дан

    I hate the randomness in power league I am a brawl ball/hiest only grinder but I always get the same map in hiest (hot potato) and I always get siege

  46. Grandpa Rudy

    Grandpa RudyПре 21 дан

    2:10 yeah I really don't feel like brawl stars is not in a good place right now, and tho i didn't delete brawl stars, i rarely play it

  47. Akshay Kumar

    Akshay KumarПре 21 дан

    What happened to buying the star powers and gadgets with gold ?

  48. Crilix

    CrilixПре 21 дан

    I dont actually think quests that we dont like are bad. Not at all. The only thing i 100% AGREE with is Power League. 50 Games just for the option to buy a skin that is also not very cheap.

  49. AJ—BS

    AJ—BSПре 21 дан

    That first complaint sounds like a you problem

  50. Yeety Beaty

    Yeety BeatyПре 21 дан

    Kairos: this video will trigger you Also kairos: 10/10 Me: Visible Confusoon

  51. Ludsi

    LudsiПре 22 дана

    I actually started to play brawlstars a lot less after the implimentation of quests, now I am playing it like twice a month. I really hate the feeling of having to finish your quests

  52. Brawl Justice

    Brawl JusticeПре 22 дана

    Yeah kairostime i used gale in the summer challenge vollebrawl and i won 3 times but i lost with 5 wins and my new favorite brawler will be buzz, and Trophy thieves has to be permanet becase present plunder is my favorite gamemode in brawl history so trophy thieves/present plunder is my favorite gamemode

  53. Faz Nugget Doodles

    Faz Nugget DoodlesПре 22 дана

    What’s the background music here?

  54. Ethan schweitzer

    Ethan schweitzerПре 22 дана

    Ya that play 100 games to get that 8 bit skin was so boring I couldn't play game modes that I hate and most my friends stopped playing so I couldn't even play with my friends so I just gave up on that skin and it wasn't even that good

  55. Zion Raakman

    Zion RaakmanПре 23 дана

    Yeah I like the idea having more star point skins available but power league isn't as fun for me. I want to get trophies so playing power league isn't worth it for me.

  56. Logan S

    Logan SПре 23 дана

    The ammo decrease is really irritating, especially for character’s like mortis or bibi where they need time to charge up the coiled snake or the home run bar (less of a problem for bibi bc of faster reload speed)

  57. deaphz

    deaphzПре 23 дана

    1:06 every f2p player edit: also quests are REALLY sh*t rn

  58. Banire Adeyemi

    Banire AdeyemiПре 23 дана

    This is 200% facts

  59. Adrian Paulus

    Adrian PaulusПре 23 дана

    i dont like that you have so long the respawnshield in basketbrawl eventhough it is such a small map

  60. Saurav Kumar

    Saurav KumarПре 23 дана

    i don't like Buzz ... i m playing him.... my lvl 9 buzz cant kill rosa even when...she just used her all ammo box(without taking break).... his attack deployment time is slow....his reload is ok, his speed is ok... only mode where he is a BIT OK is Brawl Ball.... he is not broken at all...not even well balanced.... its just too easy for real players to counter him he is good mostly against bots ☹️

  61. Samz

    SamzПре 23 дана

    I think you should spawn with 2 ammo and once you attack gadget or super you lose the shield or the shield just runs out

  62. Bruh

    BruhПре 23 дана

    brawlers should respawn with the ammount of ammo they died with

  63. Jeffrey Hivish

    Jeffrey HivishПре 23 дана

    I love brawl stars, but I’ve been slacking off after this update, I don’t know why, but I’ve already had 200 tokens more times this season than any season before. I could just be getting bored of the game. I’m a perfectionist so I try to get everything done, I’m not a fan of power league, so this season will be a grind. I’m more for pushing brawlers and quests and now I kinda just play whenever I want to. As I said, I could personally just be getting bored of the game, but the issues kairos addressed at the beginning of the vid are my main issues

  64. Elliott M

    Elliott MПре 23 дана

    My solution to kairos’ quest problem is to do my quests every morning when they come out, then I can play the modes I want for the rest of the day

  65. Elliott M

    Elliott MПре 23 дана

    For the first time I disagree with kairos. There are so many more positives than the niche negatives kairos is giving

  66. Ryan

    RyanПре 24 дана

    And the 8-bit piano skin was like 50,000 star points wasn’t it lol

  67. Elite46Racing

    Elite46RacingПре 24 дана

    The thing is, I think that not all the skins should be so easy for everyone to get. It should be a wide variety, so skins that people who play power league a lot and then are good enough to unlock it have more bragging rights and more importance to their owners. The thing is, there are no skins that can be unlocked through basic quests, like the power league one can. Brawl stars should add more unique ways to get skins for everyone

  68. rifky fauzi

    rifky fauziПре 24 дана

    Totally agree with Kairos about the requirment of winning 50 matchs in power leauge to get option purchase jacky skin, its just to much!

  69. Ryan Roberts

    Ryan RobertsПре 24 дана

    If they filled in the gaps in the trophy road later rewards, like instead of every 500 for a big box then a mega. Do 250, or even less. It would help f2p players a lot more. Or add some power point rewards from the trophy road.

  70. Ryan Roberts

    Ryan RobertsПре 24 дана

    And bring back a bunch of old players to come collect their rewards that would be waiting, maybe getting them to pick the game back up.

  71. Ryan Roberts

    Ryan RobertsПре 24 дана

    Which will make people play more

  72. Sven van Westen

    Sven van WestenПре 24 дана

    Personally it felt like I was forced to play my guests. So that’s what i start of with when I play brawl. It sucks... I mean just make the quests generic! Instead of that specific brawler just let me do damage or heal so that i can chose which brawler I want to play when I have time. I don’t have enough time to play for fun anymore..

  73. Bernardo the beast

    Bernardo the beastПре 24 дана


  74. Alex Figueroa

    Alex FigueroaПре 24 дана

    Still waiting for matchmaking rework since 2019

  75. Sharded

    ShardedПре 24 дана

    they need to change power league to make it if you at least win 1 game from the 2 matches it should count as a win

  76. Sharded

    ShardedПре 24 дана

    @Jayesh and whats the point of replying if its just gonna be a dumb reply

  77. Sharded

    ShardedПре 24 дана

    @Jayesh thats amazing

  78. Jayesh

    JayeshПре 24 дана

    And that's why you don't bunk your English classes kids

  79. Alex Figueroa

    Alex FigueroaПре 24 дана

    My friends didn't even play 100 matches last season imagine wining 50 🤣🤣

  80. Alex Figueroa

    Alex FigueroaПре 24 дана

    Me: Please supercell don't give me Pam Quest I hate Pam I don't wanna play her, already did, not gonna happen again Supercell: Give 20 Pam Quest done😎

  81. Gray Mcmillan

    Gray McmillanПре 25 дана

    This is totally how I feel!!!

  82. Jesse Higgins

    Jesse HigginsПре 25 дана

    I related to what you were complaining about but you still gave them a 10/10 even tho there were you had some complaints. Quests are suppose to make you play the game differently. You said last year when they introduced quests, that's it's a good thing and it will force us to play with different brawlers. Now you saying something different. You really need to evaluate yourself and see how far you are willing to go to be Supercell's/Brawlstars's white knight.

  83. Cool Zszsz

    Cool ZszszПре 25 дана

    I agree that ending the brawl pass instantly makes it so boring

  84. yousef hawktaweel

    yousef hawktaweelПре 25 дана

    I hate how mortis got really nerfed after the respawn ammo rework

  85. Edu

    EduПре 25 дана

    I would make quests more general, for example if a quest is "deal x dmg with Barley" make it "deal x dmg with thowers"

  86. Suhaan Shettigar

    Suhaan ShettigarПре 19 дана

    YES oh my this is so much better bc I grinded out all my bralwers to 500 even the ones I dislike, 8 bit then I got a quest for him and took me a week (not hard grinding) to get him un titled

  87. Amazing

    AmazingПре 25 дана

    Open source map maker!!!!

  88. Frifri Psychic

    Frifri PsychicПре 25 дана

    Basketbrawl is fun but it feels impossible to score :/. Like when I play the ball literally hits the middle of the hoop and then bounces out

  89. Aditya Baghel

    Aditya BaghelПре 25 дана

    *Graveyard shift*

  90. Alexis Coreas

    Alexis CoreasПре 25 дана

    i rlly believe supercell should put getting gems in chest again... to much things and not enough gems to even get half with out paying like 10$ each time for one thing

  91. Joshua Andreano

    Joshua AndreanoПре 25 дана

    I agree with the expense of the power league skins.

  92. 2Much No4h

    2Much No4hПре 25 дана

    Respawn ammo should be added back ngl

  93. A H

    A HПре 25 дана

    I absolutely agree, the brawl pass feels like a chore

  94. William Gingras

    William GingrasПре 25 дана

    Basketbrawl is the worst mode they have put since the past 3years

  95. Zoro D

    Zoro DПре 25 дана

    They should add more gems or able to get gems because those who can’t spend money to buy skins they want skins but it’s kinda hard in my perspective

  96. Graylienz

    GraylienzПре 25 дана

    I stopped playing this game for this simple reason. Too much grinding just to unlock every ability for characters. Play Wild Rift if you like mobas. There are no pay to win elements and you don't have to grind non stop just to play characters at their full potential.

  97. Spicy Muffin

    Spicy MuffinПре 25 дана

    Umm do you think Squeak need a buff?

  98. KingRaasch

    KingRaaschПре 25 дана

    I didnt even get saloon 8 bit man its too hard for real and they should add a power level cap where you cant play a brawler under power level 7 i dont even care abt power league skins at this point

  99. Yesh 21

    Yesh 21Пре 25 дана

    You were talking about Brawl Stars feeling like a grind. I experience this aswell, and it really damaged my experience with the game a lot. But for me it wasnt power-play, as I don't play a lot of Power-play, and didn't care too much about the 8-bit-skin. For me it is the trophy-reset for all brawlers above rank 20. The last 5 days before the season ends, feel like a complete grind for me, I have to play brawlers I don't like to play, or are not good on the current maps, just to not lose 600 trophies at the time of the season-reset. I mainly play normal games, and not Power-play, as I don't have friends at my Level, and randoms just suck lmao, so the trophy-grind is the most frustrating part for me

  100. FreeFlite

    FreeFliteПре 25 дана

    I had a match where I got 12 points (all three pointers the last goal I got a three pointer without using my super) and I went to record the replay and I couldnt because of the trophy limit for replay :(

  101. FreeFlite

    FreeFliteПре 25 дана

    I barely play power league because even if i unlock the purchase option for the skin I wont be able to afford it.

  102. Tacocatt Tacocatt

    Tacocatt TacocattПре 26 дана

    You have no idea how much I hate basket brawl. The physics are terrible

  103. Storm Breaker

    Storm BreakerПре 26 дана

    Power league and, who not waits for a freakin challenges we get new challenges after a eternities so everyone is happy to win it but teamates are AI bots why just am I the only freakin peron getting like this every single challenges I have lost becaz of this dude what yeah youtubers are rich they can spend as much lives as they want I reported them they did not even response I reported a lot of times they did not reposed don't play

  104. Storm Breaker

    Storm BreakerПре 26 дана

    I just deleted it I played it 2 years and one freakin thing changed everything I cried when when I lost all challenges that tears goes for nothing 👍

  105. Storm Breaker

    Storm BreakerПре 26 дана

    Don't play this freakin game

  106. Aaron Fidelis

    Aaron FidelisПре 26 дана

    Petition to group Brawl Ball, Basket Brawl, and Volley Brawl under the name "Brawl Sports" or smth like that? ...and while we're at it, rename Brawl Ball to Soccer Brawl or Footbrawl or smth... Just to make it cohesive with the others

  107. ツSmileツ

    ツSmileツПре 26 дана

    Kairos i would just like to thank you so much for the hard work you do. I love your update vids. God bless and keep you and your family. Have a wonderful summer

  108. Emanuel Hermenegildo

    Emanuel HermenegildoПре 26 дана

    If they Nerf Buzz they should buff him to (like a Nerf buff) really didn't like the stu Nerf but make sense.

  109. Emanuel Hermenegildo

    Emanuel HermenegildoПре 26 дана


  110. Lenniface

    LennifaceПре 26 дана

    I was gold 2 and I dropped to silver 3 within an hour…and I took days to get there. It’s outrageous and I’ve never felt more wasted than before. Brawl stars had wasted my time more than before and I’m officially quitting. Thanks a lot supercell. You made me realize the true power of brawl stars and what it can do to me. Thanks for showing me this.

  111. Divyansh Bansal

    Divyansh BansalПре 26 дана

    yeah completely agreed, 50 wins for the skin purchase options is just way too much

  112. ABIZZ

    ABIZZПре 26 дана

    5:31 that clutchhhhhhhhhh

  113. Matthew J

    Matthew JПре 26 дана

    Thank you for telling supercell for us

  114. Audrain Laxina

    Audrain LaxinaПре 26 дана