EVERY Brawler vs Lvl 25 SIEGE BOT!

Every Brawler vs a lvl 25 Siege Bot - Brawl Stars Olympics! | KairosTime
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For this Brawl Stars Olympics, I'm going to put EVERY Brawler up against a level 25 Siege Bot and see how much health is remaining on the IKE turret by the end of it! Every Brawler will have an equal chance to take out the siege bot but which brawler will win out of them all?!

The Brawl Stars Olympics is about finding out which brawlers are the BEST in every aspect of Brawl Stars! In this video, we're going to see which brawler can defend against a lvl 25 Siege Bot!

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    @Lukaasbro ! j

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    I did

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    Pablo ZanotoПре 17 дана

    I gave Like number 1000 in this comment!!! So sweet!

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    Deivi Shyti With Funny ClipsПре 19 дана

    Already done

  7. QansargamingYT

    QansargamingYTПре дан

    Dear Kairos, look once again at Ruffs, he ties with Stu!

  8. thatother felipe

    thatother felipeПре дан

    spirit slap be like friend zoning :(

  9. Mohammad Zana

    Mohammad ZanaПре 2 дана

    Now at brawl pass 7 gale is the best!

  10. Ben Gallo

    Ben GalloПре 3 дана



    PIPLUP PROПре 6 дана

    funny that the 3 best brawlers are tropthy road brawlers

  12. mininonai valise-alto

    mininonai valise-altoПре 7 дана

    Rip piper

  13. EZ game drawings

    EZ game drawingsПре 7 дана

    Hold up, one siege bot was lvl 24🤔

  14. Ian Forbes

    Ian ForbesПре 10 дана

    Actually if you grab Nita with bear with me and bear paws you can stand back and forth with the bear healing each other and possibly not even letting the siege bot close


    ARCHERASSIN 6Пре 11 дана

    Me has 3 8-bits on my team *dies to level one siege bot*

  16. SyotiDewey

    SyotiDeweyПре 13 дана

    The bot against nani was level 24

  17. noobyplaystuff

    noobyplaystuffПре 15 дана

    I am looking at pams bot not hitting the IKE for some seconds: I don't need sleep. I need answers

  18. DrtičkaMonkSk

    DrtičkaMonkSkПре 15 дана

    I the house knew he was going to win to win 8-bit 😄

  19. Erick Ace Monzones

    Erick Ace MonzonesПре 15 дана

    Add new brawlers

  20. ToManyMemes

    ToManyMemesПре 16 дана

    I almost am at buzz this seasons

  21. Raiden

    RaidenПре 17 дана

    There are just too many mistakes made in the video for me to want to watch

  22. -Nat3 3pic gam3r-

    -Nat3 3pic gam3r-Пре 17 дана

    Wow I can’t believe piper got top 20 tbh

  23. Pablo Zanoto

    Pablo ZanotoПре 17 дана

    Yeah! My gal Piper isn't the worst and my dear medium is in the 2nd!

  24. ppgpp109

    ppgpp109Пре 18 дана

    Lou: cheesing the bot Sprout: blocking the bot Gale: new gadget

  25. Bertin Li

    Bertin LiПре 18 дана

    Where is max

  26. P.o.t.t

    P.o.t.tПре 18 дана

    Okay this is cool and all but……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….……WHY DID YOU USE RED WIZARD BARLEY!?

  27. Ayyub Alladeen

    Ayyub AlladeenПре 19 дана

    I didnt see shelly

  28. Deivi Shyti With Funny Clips

    Deivi Shyti With Funny ClipsПре 19 дана

    Don't you know why "teamwork for the dreamwork" exist? They can't do anything without temates, it's 3v3 man

  29. MJG Extreme Gaming

    MJG Extreme GamingПре 21 дан

    "I didn't wanna risk dying with Edgar" Only if the randoms said that

  30. Костя Киндалюк

    Костя КиндалюкПре 22 дана

    I think Nani must be at higher place because Nani died and had to wait about 4 second to be able to shoot Siege Bot

  31. FireTiger2010 - Yash S.

    FireTiger2010 - Yash S.Пре 22 дана

    11:06 this was a level 24 siege bot, but it doesn't matter because the boss still has the same health and dps

  32. Trixie Colette

    Trixie ColetteПре 23 дана

    Aww, I tried hard yet still 33rd. Cmon, useless Push It..

  33. Vicu

    VicuПре 25 дана

    Rip stu's super

  34. Piotr Cybulski

    Piotr CybulskiПре 25 дана

    Why nani had 24 level bot

  35. Toour Tommp

    Toour TommpПре 26 дана

    Nani’s bot was lvl 24

  36. Jacob Ragsdale

    Jacob RagsdaleПре 27 дана

    So sandy and mortis both take 44th?

  37. Tanjiro :D

    Tanjiro :DПре 29 дана

    2022: all brawler vs 45 lvl site bot

  38. ß

    ßПре месец

    قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم : (( لعن الله المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء ، و المتشبهات من النساء بالرجال )) صدق رسول الله . صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم . ..

  39. ß

    ßПре месец

    هل تعلمون أن حديث (لا تصلوا علي صلاة البتراء) ليس له أصل من الصحة ؟ لا تكتم علماً كي لا تجزي أثماً...

  40. ß

    ßПре месец

    لا تذكر سيرة النبي صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم بدون الصلاة عليه فأن النبي صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم وصف هذا الشخص بالبخيل. ..

  41. ß

    ßПре месец

    :معلومه دينيه بسيطة عند قراءة آية الكرسي بعد كل صلاة يصبح بينك وبين الجنة الموت فقط " لاتكتم علماً كي لا تُجزئ اثماً '' انسخوها✅✅ ..

  42. Youssef Mazloum

    Youssef MazloumПре месец


  43. Shrenix Sushi

    Shrenix SushiПре месец

    Spikes new gadget now in June

  44. Marco Valandro

    Marco ValandroПре месец

    poor poco

  45. Faulton

    FaultonПре месец

    Lvl 25 SIEGE BOT Also kairos when it’s Nani’s turn “Lvl 24”

  46. Aᴅıᴋᴀ Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛs

    Aᴅıᴋᴀ TʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛsПре месец

    Curious how Piper Jessie and Emz got 32% ,but piper had more hp left than emz and jessie, and almost like rico

  47. TrickedCoyote13

    TrickedCoyote13Пре месец

    Gale would probably be in 1st or somewhere high if he had his new gadget lol

  48. Tumblewall

    TumblewallПре месец

    mortis and sandy are same place?

  49. H Man

    H ManПре месец

    The lou super can stuck the siege this is rigged

  50. 브롤스타즈준하리TV

    브롤스타즈준하리TVПре месец

    Level 25 !

  51. Master Tech Vlog

    Master Tech VlogПре месец

    Thank you bro noe I will put 8- Bit In siege

  52. Djarkoes

    DjarkoesПре месец

    lmao collete with her push sp could put her in a better rank

  53. Adnan Osmančević

    Adnan OsmančevićПре 19 дана


  54. Ozzie64

    Ozzie64Пре месец

    never in 1000000 years would i have thought that Mortis could defeat a siege bot better than TWO other people

  55. Don RUBIX

    Don RUBIXПре месец

    11:20 buuuhhh he’s not level 25

  56. TheRobonatorLP

    TheRobonatorLPПре месец

    If gale had his new gadget the tornado thing he might have done a lot beter

  57. Bencho Saitovski

    Bencho SaitovskiПре месец

    All video is not fer

  58. dowgie

    dowgieПре месец

    9:35 relateable

  59. Frankenstein_YT

    Frankenstein_YTПре месец

    I do prefer colt, because it's better than 8 bit,move fast

  60. Ward Khattab

    Ward KhattabПре месец

    8 bit the slow champion of defence in brawl stars (since he moves slowly😂)

  61. Benboi Hi

    Benboi HiПре месец

    You didn’t tank with surge

  62. :/

    :/Пре месец

    Динис какашка

  63. Luis Juarez 162

    Luis Juarez 162Пре месец

    How did 8-bit win the level 25 siege bot

  64. Antony Clark

    Antony ClarkПре месец

    Kairos:Every brawler against 25 lvl siege bot Me:hmmmm Nani is cursed Supercell:Nani is 24 lvl siege bot though


    AMÓS CARDOSOПре месец

    have 30 have 35 have 40?

  66. Paulius Kniulys

    Paulius KniulysПре месец

    9:40 (This is with emz)This is fake. If you see it then like this comment Hint: look at safe health and bot(25 Lv.)

  67. its craxii

    its craxiiПре месец

    Spike can deal siege bot 10000 but die if u dive in

  68. Кронос

    КроносПре месец

    I knew about 8but, he's like best brawler in taking down siege bot, safe and enemie turret

  69. Andreas Bennedbaek

    Andreas BennedbaekПре месец

    You can't completely go with this. Sometimes the siege spawns with 35k health, and sometimes 45k health. For example with Piper and Emz. They both had 32%, but pipers siege had 11.200 health left. And emz siege had 7.800 health left. Wich means that Emz and Piper didn't tie.

  70. ZeKidzz

    ZeKidzzПре месец

    Edgar and Colette tied ? That’s a bit of a lore.

  71. Amazing Playz

    Amazing PlayzПре месец

    Dude noni had lvl 24 not 25 which probably why he was higher on the list

  72. hyper bird

    hyper birdПре месец

    How come they had the same % even tho the damage was bigger

  73. Ello :3 Pumpkin

    Ello :3 PumpkinПре месец

    I wanted tick to win I’m a tick main

  74. Dark_Shadow YT

    Dark_Shadow YTПре месец

    Kairos if you don't mind me to ask:Can you do another personal story video cuz im so interested about what is going on with you. And bro whats hapening with the house? I have to tell you one think:you and lex teach me a english befor you guys i was like a beginer(im from Bulgaria)

  75. SNARS Games

    SNARS GamesПре месец

    The siege bot olympics

  76. Alex L

    Alex LПре месец

    LMAO I thought u were ok but I’m watching still

  77. Stefan_Dap

    Stefan_DapПре месец

    Kairos:i made an exeption for mortis so he can die Me:the half of every brawlers are mortis O_O

  78. MilkySensation

    MilkySensationПре месец

    Kairos actually made a mistake with Nani. Nani was the only brawler that faced a level 24 siege bot instead of a level 25 siege bot.

  79. Dinno Canlas

    Dinno CanlasПре месец

    I feel like the people that has super for turrets rely one them cause there gadget and star power has the turrets buffed then others

  80. charlene

    charleneПре месец

    Kairos: only masters use code kairos Me and others: f2p

  81. 박하박하박한비Hanbie

    박하박하박한비HanbieПре месец

    6:56 spike

  82. Ninja Dragon

    Ninja DragonПре месец


  83. sara salazar

    sara salazarПре месец

    At I said COLT

  84. Rick Not Astley

    Rick Not AstleyПре месец

    Imagine how sad steven kelly must be that the 2 brawlers that he voice acted placed dead last. I was also sad too, cuz surge is my favorite brawler.

  85. ******

    ******Пре месец

    I love 8bit so much even tho he’s slow af and is a slow clunk of metal but I love him ;)

  86. 8-bit

    8-bitПре месец

    I like how Kairos uses my gadget before using super.

  87. Jayanti Shukla

    Jayanti ShuklaПре месец

    Actually the king of defence is Lou because every seige map has a wall making bot change the direction

  88. Sudhanva Kashyap

    Sudhanva KashyapПре месец

    Me: Sees Kairos Testing Brawlers against Lv. 25 Siege Bot Me the next day: My team collects 25 Siege pins and gets a Lv. 25 Siege Bot

  89. Thiago DZN

    Thiago DZNПре месец


  90. Jacob Turner

    Jacob TurnerПре месец

    Byron attempt was terrible. When he did use super, it didn't heal him, it landed before he took damage. Surge wastes a shot to demonstrate that his split cannot multi-hit the boss... Stu failed to place his last gadget right, could have avoided 1 more hit on the Ike. Collette only hit once with her super (pretty sure). Barley second gadget did nothing. Siege bot was already on the Ike, so unless it reduced attack rate it wouldn't help anymore. Needed to have used the first one earlier, or a bit later. Emz could have tanked a few hits while waiting on ammo recharge and coming in to use gadgets. Why so many non-optimal results without at least saying that the optimal made insignificant difference or was too hard to get? Even worse when you make a correction for Ruff, Rosa, and quite a few others...

  91. Mixon TV

    Mixon TVПре месец

    Why are u so unfair to collette, you damaged robot with super only once

  92. Mr. Buffy

    Mr. BuffyПре месец

    8-BIT:I am speed

  93. GOD TOM YT

    GOD TOM YTПре месец

    Xd this is so cool


    AG BOSS GAMINGПре месец

    8 bit + pam = level 25 bot dead in just a matter of time

  95. PC10K

    PC10KПре месец

    I think Bo can be done just a little bit better if you have the bot trigger only one of the mines, and then use the tripwire gadget to stun the boss twice. Not sure if that's more worthwhile than tanking with the totem though

  96. Cash H

    Cash HПре месец

    I have since 100k

  97. Luca Staal

    Luca StaalПре месец

    y do i feel like kairos put a lot less effort in this olympics than the others or just videos in general too many of the brawlers coul dhave had better outcomes especiially the best ones

  98. Wooplow

    WooplowПре месец

    That's good!

  99. Ready For Liftoff

    Ready For LiftoffПре месец

    Wait where is amber

  100. SLASH 24

    SLASH 24Пре месец

    Good video but you did not get the full potential of each brawler.

  101. P41AM

    P41AMПре месец

    There is no best or worst brawler! It depends on how you use it!

  102. Shannon Cobb

    Shannon CobbПре месец

    This is really strange how every body is at 33th

  103. Al nimations YT

    Al nimations YTПре месец


  104. Ibraheem Boyle a. lfk

    Ibraheem Boyle a. lfkПре месец

    I subscribed

  105. Ibraheem Boyle a. lfk

    Ibraheem Boyle a. lfkПре месец

    I knew 8Bit won