10 NEW GADGETS, 3 Game Modes, & 5 Map Maker Tiles!

Update Info - New Gadgets, Map Maker Tiles, \u0026 New Game Modes!
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For this special Sneak Peek of the update, I'm going to show the 10 new gadgets coming to Brawl Stars for Pam, Lou, Rico, Spike, Sandy, Colonel Ruffs, Stu, Gale, Edgar, \u0026 Leon! I'm also going to show the 3 new game modes, \u0026 5 new map maker tiles!

2nd Gadgets have a BIG impact on Brawl Stars, and this new Gadget Sneak Peek will show everything you need to know about Pam's 2nd Gadget, Lou's 2nd Gadget, Rico's 2nd Gadget, Spike's 2nd Gadget, Sandy's 2nd Gadget, Colonel Ruffs's 2nd Gadget, Stu's 2nd Gadget, Gale's 2nd Gadget, Edgar's 2nd Gadget, \u0026 Leon's 2nd Gadget!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец

    Which gadget are you MOST excited for?! SUB for Sneak Peeks! Please use CODE KAIROS the next time you buy the Brawl Pass!

  2. Michael Novak

    Michael NovakПре 9 дана

    Leon no doubt

  3. Δημήτρης Βασιλάκος

    Δημήτρης ΒασιλάκοςПре 16 дана

    Hardcore, air support , twister and breakthrough are fake because if u want to find them on these brawlers these arent appeared if u click at their gadgets

  4. Retta Hill

    Retta HillПре 17 дана


  5. Nhật Thái Hồng

    Nhật Thái HồngПре 20 дана

    I dont like to break 666 :(

  6. Matous Martin

    Matous MartinПре 26 дана

    i do

  7. tzionu

    tzionuПре дан


  8. †rå§h¥_§hêmm¥

    †rå§h¥_§hêmm¥Пре 2 дана

    I don’t see leons second gadget to be any used. To be honest I’d rather used his first gadget than his second.

  9. Misa Le

    Misa LeПре 6 дана

    Leon new gadget is OP

  10. ツᵒₚᵃʸᵇᵉʳᵏ₭ᎥŁŁᵘ☯ツ

    ツᵒₚᵃʸᵇᵉʳᵏ₭ᎥŁŁᵘ☯ツПре 3 дана

    not op and op is not cool 😑

  11. Best montoy

    Best montoyПре 7 дана

    I have 5 of the brawlers from the thumbnail

  12. BlazeX YT

    BlazeX YTПре 11 дана

    0:56 Piper's worst nightmare

  13. Ben Torrey

    Ben TorreyПре 11 дана

    Those healing tiles are clutch for Jessie's turret, keeps it alive very well

  14. Hawkeye legend

    Hawkeye legendПре 13 дана

    Can You do a brawl stars tier list again please, we miss that :(

  15. Rainier Ablan

    Rainier AblanПре 16 дана

    Actually leons second gadget is a concept on reys vids

  16. Steve McAllister

    Steve McAllisterПре 17 дана

    I need spikes new gadget

  17. Hello Neighbor - Official Channel

    Hello Neighbor - Official ChannelПре 17 дана

    Me who need more gaget to complete my account : ;-; Edgar : 1 gaget Rico : 0 gaget Stu : 1 gaget Colonel ruff : 0 gaget Brock : 0 gaget Bea : 0 gaget 8 - Bit : 0 gaget Carl : 1 gaget Gene : 0 gaget Byron : 0 gaget Jessic : 0 gaget Gale : 1 gaget

  18. Daily Dose Of Dumbness

    Daily Dose Of DumbnessПре 18 дана

    I’m probably gonna stick with popping pincushion for spike

  19. Titue 1

    Titue 1Пре 19 дана

    So when are they gonna add this update?

  20. Ngoc Le Thi

    Ngoc Le ThiПре 19 дана

    Sandy’s 1st gadget : me sleep Sandy’s 2nd gadget : u sleep

  21. ツᵒₚᵃʸᵇᵉʳᵏ₭ᎥŁŁᵘ☯ツ

    ツᵒₚᵃʸᵇᵉʳᵏ₭ᎥŁŁᵘ☯ツПре 3 дана


  22. Tomas Salazar

    Tomas SalazarПре 20 дана

    Gadget de spike

  23. LuckyXG

    LuckyXGПре 22 дана

    No one: Me:wait a second the thumnail show spike gadjet but where is his gameplay??

  24. TC_1705

    TC_1705Пре 23 дана

    You can actually score a 3 pointers without a super if you stand of the side and and shoot as the basket is moving to your side.

  25. DP Rao

    DP RaoПре 23 дана

    2:15 leon new skin

  26. ⚡King-BrawlStars⚡

    ⚡King-BrawlStars⚡Пре 24 дана

    Sandy:i can turn my team invisible Leon:hold my lolipop

  27. Анатолий Кабайкин

    Анатолий КабайкинПре 24 дана

    А на Биби когда 2 гаджет будет

  28. CookieTube

    CookieTubeПре 24 дана

    you can score 3 points even without your super

  29. Spence 4 3

    Spence 4 3Пре 25 дана

    Some badass gadgets

  30. Aadi Narayan

    Aadi NarayanПре 25 дана

    You can score 3 points without Super

  31. Sponge Square

    Sponge SquareПре 25 дана

    because of the healing gadget from rico I think we should get a new brawlimpics where the bot shoots

  32. MattBlue47

    MattBlue47Пре 28 дана

    i save some boxes for sandy new gadget i love this new gadget

  33. Macedonia_Yeah

    Macedonia_YeahПре 29 дана

    I'm exited for spike Stu Leon sandy and rico

  34. Un Nerazzurro

    Un NerazzurroПре 29 дана

    The 2nd gadget of Pam is OP.

  35. Alex D'arcy

    Alex D'arcyПре 29 дана

    Anyone know if Gales new gadget will also work on respawned enemies? Like if you place it infront if the enemy goal in brawlball will they get stuck or can they walk through after respawning?

  36. X Gabiholo

    X GabiholoПре месец

    Nice 👍👌

  37. Thomas ORourke

    Thomas ORourkeПре месец

    When do the gadgets come out

  38. Wojtasik13

    Wojtasik13Пре месец

    7:22 Polska tutaj buszem gra panda

  39. Lakshya Chandel

    Lakshya ChandelПре месец

    Dude, please tell me when are they gonna be released

  40. Tech de Definite

    Tech de DefiniteПре 28 дана

    Yeah when

  41. Unknown Guy

    Unknown GuyПре месец

    whats ruffs skin on 2:49 , I have never seen it before

  42. Brawl TV

    Brawl TVПре месец

    Leon gadget:)))

  43. milaytube

    milaytubeПре месец

    One question: If basket brawl, volleybrawl and trophy hold joins, is brawl ball dead?

  44. Sułów 998

    Sułów 998Пре месец

    Here's a 2nd gadget for Belle :) Electro-shock. Belle's next attack electrifies the enemy brawler, preventing him from firing and grounding him for 2 seconds. Charges per match: 3

  45. Jorgue Muñoz

    Jorgue MuñozПре месец

    How i fell how strong is every gadget is going to be Rico: Strong it can heal back rico to full with double or triple bounce but can if the projectiles hits a eneny or bounces once then its not too useful Lou: Over Medium its can be usefull for control space in most gamemodes but not strong to be a game saver unless if the eneny is half cold,the player has the first star power or if lou has 2 or 3 of his amo Pam: Strong its very useful in a 1vs1 battle by hurting and stealing the eneny amo and having 2 amo is good but if the eneny is far or out of range can then its a gadget wasted Edgar:Weak the shield have little heath and takes damage over and the shield has 8 seconds of life Sandy Strong It can be used to kill brawler and the eneny being unstun is nothing if sandy is alone but if your team hits the stun brawler or gets hit by rude sands before sandy gets in range the brawler can escape or kill you. Leon: Over Medium the gadget has a ok health but has small invisible area which tells the eneny where you might be hiding it can be good puting the totem cover by walls unless the eneny team has a thrower Spike: Very Strong it protect spike from an atack stronger that spike's health and heal spike and allies and can be used as protection in 1vs1 Ruff's Medium A upgrade from primo's gadget more area can hit slow or slowed eneny's but it can be dodge and dosen't do too much damage


    KUHSAL GAMINGПре месец

    We could just chosse any star power or gadget we want 😈

  47. Boba Fett

    Boba FettПре месец

    Yay now we got 2 useless leon gadgets the only legendary I've gotten after consistently playing for 3 years

  48. Tunik Orunbaev

    Tunik OrunbaevПре месец

    Please 🙏 Buzz 🥺😭

  49. RickStead

    RickSteadПре месец

    -Jurrasic splash update- ❌ Mortis nightmare update ✔

  50. 父 IssaOnGod

    父 IssaOnGodПре месец

    Bro superccell needs to buff leon not give him shitty gadgets


    WOLF GAMINGПре месец

    The gale gadget must be good in gem grab

  52. Harambe Harambe

    Harambe HarambeПре месец

    Gales tornado is too op

  53. pot

    potПре месец

    He should stay hydrated everytime he doesn't unlock buzz (And by hydrated I don't just mean water)

  54. Maksim Spirov

    Maksim SpirovПре месец

    Are you gonna meke a best combos with the new gatets

  55. Mintfn

    MintfnПре месец

    Pam gadget is soooo opp

  56. Arif Ramen noodles

    Arif Ramen noodlesПре месец

    This is brawl talk without the heavy accent

  57. Arif Ramen noodles

    Arif Ramen noodlesПре месец

    I can see leons invisible gadget getting a nerf or changing because it would make sandy no longer unique which is kinda the point of legendary brawlers

  58. glowzinho xd

    glowzinho xdПре месец

    I'm surprised that I haven't heard anyone comparing the Hold the Trophy game mode to Shine Thief (from mario kart double dash).

  59. Izuku Midoryia

    Izuku MidoryiaПре месец

    I could see Gene being very overpowered in Volleyball because of his super

  60. Brawl Boy

    Brawl BoyПре месец

    Him bibi,Stu, gene, and buzz

  61. kroket69

    kroket69Пре месец

    Everybody talking about: Pam rico Stu Leon me here in the corner hyped about spikes new gaget like if you feel the same btw think of it spike has 3360 HP the gadget has 3500 so combine and you get 6860 + the 1000 when he’s gadget pops = 7860 so technically he wil have 8000 !!!! CLEARLY THIS IS THE RIGHT GADGET oh yea did I say Thad fertilizer CAN HEAL DA CACTUS FOR 3200 in clouding spike so 6200I think so + 8000 = 14200 SO HE IS THE ULTIMATE TANK HE WILL BE GREAT IN EVERYTHING EVEN WITH THIS HP COLECT BEARLY DOES ANYTHING SOLO DUO GREAT BOUNTY GREAT AND BRAWLBALL ….. ehh I guess the extra heal is nice and his super BUT HE COUNTERS EVERYTHING

  62. MR. FOREST

    MR. FORESTПре месец

    How you can get buzz????buzz is not in game now

  63. zRxses

    zRxsesПре 4 дана

    dev build

  64. Florin Cocilea

    Florin CocileaПре месец

    Let's hope they don't nerf these gadgets

  65. Florin Cocilea

    Florin CocileaПре месец

    Nowadays rico will win at the contest of surviving the shooting robot in the training room

  66. Lewolix

    LewolixПре месец


  67. Kristof094

    Kristof094Пре месец

    I'm using spike's 2nd gadget in bushes...

  68. Zora Nareswara

    Zora NareswaraПре месец

    I already have a cheese idea for hold the trophy,use sprout,bo,and barley,wait for sprout to get super,trap yourselves in the corner while bo holds the trophy and pray the enemy team doesnt have throwers/wallbreakers,Your Welcome OJ 🧀

  69. Millennios

    MillenniosПре месец

    Rico’s 2nd gadget should’ve been that it makes the next round of balls bounce forever until they hit a target. If you use this on your super the balls will bounce until they hit a target but will therefore not pierce

  70. satvik bhola

    satvik bholaПре месец

    4 letters : H Y P E

  71. Admin Stevens

    Admin StevensПре месец

    We are here! 🙃🥰 peggelectronics.com/

  72. SensationGslash ‘

    SensationGslash ‘Пре месец

    Kairos: code kairos. RSfire subtitles:cokaros

  73. Pierce Rose

    Pierce RoseПре месец

    Colonel Ruffs gadget is literally just El Primo’s super, but better.

  74. Patty Kipping

    Patty KippingПре месец

    New bwraler be like: ObEy TeH rUlEs

  75. Jerome Ting

    Jerome TingПре месец

    Holy crap the new brawler is broken

  76. Kirik Kalp

    Kirik KalpПре месец

    Jacky at gale twister gadget: *yoloo-* "splats hardly on the ground"

  77. Ghizlane Talha

    Ghizlane TalhaПре месец

    3:00 I find this a little to op

  78. Ghizlane Talha

    Ghizlane TalhaПре месец

    2:12 sandy is useless now

  79. Mineralsaft

    MineralsaftПре месец

    Brawl Stars is pure SHIT

  80. Ryan Lukic

    Ryan LukicПре месец

    Is anyone actually gonna use Edgar's 2bd gadget

  81. Blazx BS

    Blazx BSПре месец

    Ruff in hiest and siege

  82. Jana Borková

    Jana BorkováПре месец

    Whait what will happen if Pam's second star power on amber😨

  83. Carrot Top Gaming

    Carrot Top GamingПре месец

    He’s got a beard

  84. Just Got Rekt

    Just Got RektПре месец

    So nobody Gonna talk about how epic that ruff gadget is ?

  85. Nathan Soper

    Nathan SoperПре месец

    I see a cheese in gales gadget

  86. Hezzy Seaholm

    Hezzy SeaholmПре месец

    Leon’s gadget was must needed

  87. 亂鬥火柴

    亂鬥火柴Пре месец

    So it mean Gale 2nd gadget is killing mortis

  88. NoobSensei

    NoobSenseiПре месец


  89. Martin Ford

    Martin FordПре месец

    Imagine this: Max+max super+speed tile+speed modifier+speedzone gadget

  90. Brawl Boy

    Brawl BoyПре месец

    Oh my goodness 😂

  91. CoffeeDrummer Gaming

    CoffeeDrummer GamingПре месец

    Slow tiles: *exist* 8-Bit: I think you guys are targeting me now.

  92. Sunray Moonbeam

    Sunray MoonbeamПре месец

    What are the bald spots on kairos beard? Must be from masking for China virus

  93. Ja'aku

    Ja'akuПре месец

    So they nerf everyone and then give all the new brawlers broken gadgets? Nice one Supercell =_="

  94. Kyle Lullo

    Kyle LulloПре месец

    Because breaking walls was just what Stu needed. Stu is the king right now. Disgustingly strong.

  95. BatFang25 Animations

    BatFang25 AnimationsПре месец

    Stu pretty much becomes the kool aid man

  96. Phantom

    PhantomПре месец

    Supercell really is forgetting about bibi

  97. Horo

    HoroПре месец

    R.I.P Byron players

  98. Phantom

    PhantomПре месец

    Rico is going to survive for a long time in the survivability test

  99. Phantom

    PhantomПре месец

    Dang spike too

  100. salem SALEM

    salem SALEMПре месец

    Stu’s second gadget matched wicked stu skin

  101. L A U R A

    L A U R AПре месец

    What if you auto aim basketball

  102. Sergej

    SergejПре месец

    *"OH MY GOODNESS"* *"this is the thing u need"* *"**Bs4.XyZ**"* *"There are no limits here, Am I right?”* *"完璧"*

  103. Mohammed Motskkaf

    Mohammed MotskkafПре месец

    I’m so sad i have any gemes can you give me gems pleaseeeeeeee

  104. Mohammed Motskkaf

    Mohammed MotskkafПре месец

    Really can you give me

  105. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyПре месец

    You can get gems from the brawl pass my guy

  106. lad gg

    lad ggПре месец

    all gadset are op good 6 lets get some

  107. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusПре месец

    Hii I love ur vies

  108. Yovani Gutierrez

    Yovani GutierrezПре месец

    I hate how when you respawn now you don’t have ammo-

  109. lars

    larsПре месец

    Those gadgets are way better then other gadgets 😂

  110. Grand Coin

    Grand CoinПре месец

    That gale gadget will be great

  111. Vibhor Pawar

    Vibhor PawarПре месец

    When are the new gadgets coming?

  112. Aromal Biju

    Aromal BijuПре месец

    Kairos needs to sleep more!

  113. Spike

    SpikeПре месец

    Why Everyone talking about Rico and Pam's Gadget but .. not Gale and Stu's Gadget..... They are more Op😾😾

  114. Gaming with ash

    Gaming with ashПре месец

    Mortis: your soul is mine! Pam with second gadget: nope *tales all of his ammo away from him*.