Korean Brawl Stars Ads are INSANE!

Brawl Stars Advertisements are CRAZY! | KairosTime
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Brawl Stars is HUGE in South Korea \u0026 they've made some of the most INSANE advertisements catered to their Korean audience! In this video, we're going to be reacting to the most popular Brawl Stars advertisements!

To see more Brawl Stars advertisements in Korean, check them out here: rsfire.info/green/lJs...

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    I lost to the peach bros 2 attempt. He was a good mime😂

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    It doesn’t look like poco

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    I’ve got a question, who is the person who is on Emz’s phone on the super fan Emz?

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    KairosTime I Played Brawl Stars Since January 14, 2019!

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    Im korean and I overheard my dad get one of these ads

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  16. LukkicaaAPukkicaaA

    LukkicaaAPukkicaaAПре месец

    anyone got the new brawl stars ad where they make it look like it's like match masters? this ad is pretty trash. brawl stars ad creators just gave brawl stars look bad while it's such a good game.

  17. Axorandom

    AxorandomПре месец

    Bartender: Barley Main Guy: Colt Hand Slicer Joe: Mr. P Stun Gun: El Primo Peach Brothers: Cournel Ruffs/Gene (needs skins in this for this spot to have a brawler) Mr. Sunshine: Belle(?)

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    The Royal Agent Colt is actually what it sounds like. It was a role back in the days where it was unfair for people , so their life was depended on where they were born and how poor they were. Royal Agent is a person the country sends to spy on the government and see if he is doing a good job.

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    Hey Kairos for the next brawl theory I think it's brawler with a laser because eSports just posted who stole the trophy pt 4 and the thief used a laser to open the safe of the trophy This my theory for the next brawler

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    Maybe you can do a brawl olympics about breaking walls. Everyone can use their super once, can use gadgets for 3 times and their star powers and normal attacks can help them. Thank you 😊. (Sorry if I wrote a word wrong.)

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  68. Wyatt Schwey

    Wyatt SchweyПре месец

    Can you make a Olympics video like this. "Who can survive the longest against a tick super" or "Who can kill ticks super in time"

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    Hey Kairos! Just wondering, have you ever considered posting on Rumble? I am trying to support an alternative to RSfire by watching as much content there as possible. Unfortunately there is pretty much no brawl stars content there to watch. I would totally support you on rumble if you did post there. Thanks!

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    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Am I the only one who does not get a hearted comment, from a Brawl Stars gamer on youtube? Hello Kairos! If you are reading this! I would like to say that you are my favorite Brawl Stars content creator, and I also like your videos because when you do a specific topic... it's never boring!

  73. Meena Sanadhya

    Meena SanadhyaПре месец

    An idea for a new brawler he is a hero but when he go to join the super hero tro the reject him and then he join the gift shop tro he is a Bodyguard fo the gift shop but when he see villains he go to protect people.he is a legendary his name is critical.he has a stamina bar so when you walk 3 sec in a straight line you will get a speed boost and his movement speed is very fast now when you will get speed boost your stamina bar will go down slowly but when you walk 6sec you will get speed boost 2 and stamina bar will go down normally and when when you walk 12 sec you will get speed boost 3 and now your stamina bar will go down fast but you have more fast movement speed then Max while Max is using his super.now attack critical take his dual sword out he will do 100 damage by one attack and when he using his stamina bar will go down very short and he can do this as fast as egder and his the reloading speed is very fast.now super in his super he has different element in his sword so in super he fully transform into one element fire in fire he will set Enemies on Fire just like crow but his hp will go down.water he will slow enemies in his normal attack.ice he wil frost Enemies just like lou.grass his movement speed and reloading speed will increase but his HP will decrease.now his most op element lightening his all abilities will increase and he will change his attacking pattern while he is in lightening form he will made a cross pattern and dashing forward that's why lightning form is only for 10 sec.and when you don't use your super you will be in Frostflame form your attack range will increase.and all this element forms are random from super.his star power name i will save you if your Teammate has less than 20%hp you will teleport to them to save them and if your teammate is in your screen and if you are this is star power ther will be no Bounce and splash. Second star power name rage if you have less than 50% HP your stamina bar will go down very slowly and your movements that will get buff and you will heal just like tick star power but you have to be 50%less hp .1 Gadget critical will spin 360° 1 time.2 gadget you can use this gadget if you are having bushes or grass form it will heal everyone full hp.and kairos if you like this brawler idea please put it in your video because supercell watch you and if they make this brawler please give it free to me my id#8LPQ9UO2R😊 and he is a elemental assassin.

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    KAIROS LISTEN IN THE WKBRL STREAM BRAWL STAR HIMSELF SAID THIS IN RUSSIAN There will be a water brawler, friends. And that's Spud. Spud is a new brawler that will have special mechanics. But more on that later

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