GRIFF OLYMPICS! | 16 Tests! | Griff Deals INSANE DAMAGE!

New Brawler GRIFF OLYMPICS! | Brawl Stars Sneak Peek! | KairosTime
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It's time for the Griff Olympics! Griff is the newest brawler in the game \u0026 I'm going to give an early look at his attack, super, gadget, \u0026 both his 1st \u0026 2nd Star Powers! I'm also going to compare him to EVERY Brawler in the game with 16 Brawl Stars Olympics Tests to see how strong he is!

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре месец

    How strong do you think Griff is going to be?!?! Please use CODE KAIROS & Subscribe for more Brawl videos!

  2. Rafał Marasz

    Rafał MaraszПре 7 дана

    Veeeeeeeeeeeery strong😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. muguiwarano boy

    muguiwarano boyПре 17 дана

    @Meena Sanadhya cool idea But not in the right place you made a mistake with this

  4. Orhan

    OrhanПре 20 дана

    I think he will get nerf very much

  5. Toy Freddy Playz

    Toy Freddy PlayzПре 27 дана

    @spiderman izzu me too

  6. TAN YU SHEN Moe

    TAN YU SHEN MoeПре 28 дана

    When are you going to make the Griff Challenge guide?! I totally can't wait (even though it's a month away haha) because he's just so good!

  7. Noraster

    NorasterПре 16 сати

    I never have the courage to do ALL the game modes and have little times of doing them before I lost 3 rounds and be done, by that I mean, I suck at winning

  8. Tanner Lester

    Tanner LesterПре дан

    Imagine basing a RSfire channel off a mobile game

  9. Roblox short films

    Roblox short filmsПре дан

    In a few days we’re gonna see “eating money until I get griff”

  10. charles

    charlesПре 2 дана

    If you whach closley griif has a neck so he put this thing on head

  11. Okplus original

    Okplus originalПре 2 дана


  12. aek athens

    aek athensПре 3 дана

    5:33 hie gadget???

  13. burschi gaming

    burschi gamingПре 4 дана

    Let's be real isn't every brawler OP at the release?

  14. AnUnluckyGuy

    AnUnluckyGuyПре 3 дана


  15. Mohamed Hossam

    Mohamed HossamПре 4 дана

    He seems pretty damn good for an epic, hes defenitly gonna get a fat nerf

  16. Tom Hansen

    Tom HansenПре 5 дана

    Squeak and griff are my favorite brawler

  17. NotPrinceYT

    NotPrinceYTПре 5 дана

    Imagine Griff 6 second he can kill assasins

  18. jonnysniper

    jonnysniperПре 5 дана

    How can you get griff?

  19. Joshua Allen

    Joshua AllenПре 6 дана

    924 x 9 = 8316 which cannot take out el primo.

  20. Shͥคrͣkͫ Leon YT

    Shͥคrͣkͫ Leon YTПре 7 дана

    Griff's 2nd star power Colette trying to kill tick with well oiled: NOT AGAIN

  21. Nwabueze Okoye

    Nwabueze OkoyeПре 8 дана

    how about as an unlock challenge you eat chocolate coin WITH THE FOIL. (just go see your doctor to see if it's possible)

  22. Milica Teodorović

    Milica TeodorovićПре 9 дана

    K a i r o s code kairos in the brawl stars shop

  23. bhardwaaj mohabir

    bhardwaaj mohabirПре 9 дана

    Everyone is talking about Griff but no one is talking about him and penny being similar

  24. Ethan /Firalichat

    Ethan /FiralichatПре 9 дана

    Karios : kind of similar to pam . Piper: Am I a joke ! (Go to the start )

  25. roblox piggy

    roblox piggyПре 10 дана

    In the area test you fotgot the gadget

  26. Endre Borto

    Endre BortoПре 10 дана

    Griff is look like sallon 8 bit 😆

  27. 1,00,000 subs without video challange

    1,00,000 subs without video challangeПре 10 дана

    Me :Thicc My crush:Griff 😬😬😬😬

  28. Ernie Arizzi

    Ernie ArizziПре 10 дана

    He deals 4620 damage with his super, not 4920! Does this affect his placement in the test at all?

  29. Efe Doruk Genc

    Efe Doruk GencПре 11 дана

    I found a detail that if you move griffs coins move in his head

  30. Ümit Can Yılmaz

    Ümit Can YılmazПре 11 дана

    Release date?

  31. Alp Küçükyılmazlar

    Alp KüçükyılmazlarПре 12 дана

    What did you said about my work place?!?!

  32. vioezy

    vioezyПре 13 дана


  33. hot_soup

    hot_soupПре 13 дана

    07:18 he can do better against wall he push the boss to the wall with the gadget because he will recharge he's super. I tried in nulls brawl

  34. i wont talk t'ill u pin this yayayayawuwu

    i wont talk t'ill u pin this yayayayawuwuПре 14 дана

    Griff using his super : Look at all my credit cards! Me : *amateur*

  35. Slimerael

    SlimeraelПре 14 дана

    8:33 Pov: You just killed the person who works for you *He was depressed and didn't get paid enough anyway*

  36. Super_Hulk900

    Super_Hulk900Пре 14 дана

    Can you do an attack pierce through opponents Olympics? With bounce shots?

  37. Nomster Monster

    Nomster MonsterПре 14 дана

    Collette: Spongebob Edgar: Squidward Griff: Mr. Krabs

  38. Kespaa

    KespaaПре 15 дана

    6:22 PERFECT math work kairos

  39. Hoi I’m a temmie

    Hoi I’m a temmieПре 15 дана

    Currently questioning why the 2 guys that are the boss of a place both treat their employees like trash

  40. Albinskywalker

    AlbinskywalkerПре 16 дана

    Wait! Where is his gadget in the area test?

  41. Mitchell Bonello

    Mitchell BonelloПре 16 дана

    Kairos is gonna suffer cause he can’t try to win griff in a challenge cause his unboxing series and we will make him SUFFER Also it’s kinda ironic how this is the first brawler you can win in a challenge and he is a greedy person and very stingy and won’t want you getting ANYTHING for free including him

  42. kushagra saxena

    kushagra saxenaПре 17 дана

    No buddy could see me ya

  43. Zaijan Macas

    Zaijan MacasПре 17 дана

    U can actually deal more damage if you push the bot to the wall cause his super hits again at max range or when hitting a wall

  44. Boaz Limme De Graaf

    Boaz Limme De GraafПре 18 дана

    Hey, Kairos! I was playing with Griff on null's brawl, and i found out you can kill the big boss way faster than 25 seconds. What you do is you use Griffs gadget to push the boss into the wall, then you spam supers and attacks. I don't know if null's brawl has attack multipliers or something but i don't think 25 seconds is the best he can do.

  45. Cheezy Gaming

    Cheezy GamingПре 18 дана

    and his gadget also destroys about 13 - 20

  46. s10keska gaming

    s10keska gamingПре 19 дана

    5:21 or as the minecrafters say A STACK

  47. Chase Silvestri

    Chase SilvestriПре 20 дана

    Unlocking griff challenge: stealing waiter tips until I get Griff

  48. Rahmanaj Vlora

    Rahmanaj VloraПре 20 дана

    Griff´s super reminds me of carls atack but 5 times

  49. Noah Gaming

    Noah GamingПре 20 дана

    How did u get him

  50. AJ—BS

    AJ—BSПре 21 дан

    I’m calling it now he’s eating chocolate gold coins

  51. SLIMY-not-cool THE-BELGIAN-GUY

    SLIMY-not-cool THE-BELGIAN-GUYПре 22 дана

    Omg he's eyes are 1's

  52. Conzixel

    ConzixelПре 23 дана

    how the hell did you get him early?

  53. System Of A Daron

    System Of A DaronПре 5 дана

    Brawl stars gives him early access so he can make videos

  54. Seb G.

    Seb G.Пре 23 дана

    Shelly + Carl

  55. Rick_BS

    Rick_BSПре 24 дана

    Fun fact: when Griff drop his gadget the pigs eyes turn star shape when it's about to explode

  56. Tea Baggins

    Tea BagginsПре 24 дана

    He sounds like Mark Hamill

  57. Gaspard Ho

    Gaspard HoПре 24 дана

    VOLLEYBALL his gadget's gonna be so nice 🏐

  58. Agent Minty

    Agent MintyПре 24 дана

    Idk if anyone noticed, but one of the pins on squeaks outfit is a coin, and I think it’s supposed to represent Griff

  59. Noah VanderKlok

    Noah VanderKlokПре 25 дана

    6:40 You should redo tara in the swarm test, I did her in less than 3 seconds. You use one super on left side then preemptively fire to maximize time. Then do the same thing to the other half. That comes out to be much faster.

  60. STM4

    STM4Пре 25 дана

    What About Stu? He's the third brawler of the gift shop trio :/

  61. Derrick Simas Fortunato

    Derrick Simas FortunatoПре 26 дана

    KairosTime, I just foud Griff´s Voice actor. The name is Darbi L.Worley Checkout her Twitter:

  62. FatSpheal

    FatSphealПре 26 дана

    Plot wist : giftshop trio more like epic trio every brawler is epic rarity lol

  63. jabir nana

    jabir nanaПре 26 дана

    There should be a wall olympics test! You should compare which blawlers can break how many walls

  64. Z1R0

    Z1R0Пре 26 дана

    can you do a guide to the challenge for us

  65. Muji

    MujiПре 27 дана

    He's so op. His attack should be two sets with one ammo. His super should charge after 12 hits, and with less range/damage. I don't know why he's an Epic brawler xD The rarity is just a name. He's so strong, he should be legendary.

  66. Muji

    MujiПре 27 дана

    Also his super is very hard to avoid and it goes through walls. What the hell! His super attack should not go back, just out and that's it. Defiantly broken.

  67. John Sapno

    John SapnoПре 27 дана

    Bro that’s soooo broken!


    CEDIE GAMINGПре 27 дана

    Me hears cheap me: whisper Mr crabs is a pis of!! ¢×¢=°€°×€×€=©✓|{`¶

  69. Grinder

    GrinderПре 27 дана

    I don't know what it is about griffs design but it is my favourite

  70. kingojerry

    kingojerryПре 27 дана

    Thats my last name griffin

  71. pitekp gaming

    pitekp gamingПре 28 дана

    when you realise that you can use only one star power per match. explain: both griff's starpowers are good and i would use two at the same time.

  72. Qurimp v2

    Qurimp v2Пре 28 дана

    10:07 why does his scream sound like Ellis from L4D2

  73. Biraj⛩️Brawl Stars🎋

    Biraj⛩️Brawl Stars🎋Пре 28 дана

    Nice Sir

  74. Jay Newnan

    Jay NewnanПре 28 дана

    I just relized bull sais wanna brawl.and bibi sais lets play

  75. Eh.

    Eh.Пре 29 дана

    7:55 When the pros get him:

  76. pumpkin pie

    pumpkin pieПре 29 дана


  77. White Egger

    White EggerПре 29 дана

    He just seems to be...insanly overpowered.

  78. Iva Andonova

    Iva AndonovaПре месец

    His 1st star power is a worse version of tick LOL

  79. Luhan Bosman

    Luhan BosmanПре месец

    I think griff is the best epic brawler but he is so slow at reloading but the damage makes up for the reloading

  80. Ion Torp

    Ion TorpПре месец

    When you win the challenge youll unlock him for free Me who always have trash brawlers :c

  81. Shania Siojo

    Shania SiojoПре месец

    I thought stu is the 3rd person from the giftshop trio. Oh well

  82. Nep Bahadur Chaudhary

    Nep Bahadur ChaudharyПре месец

    Did anyone noticed griff's coin on the head moves when we move it


    DARWISH JAMRIПре месец

    Colette when she realised that her boss is now a brawler: *_F"ck this sh"t I'm out_*

  84. Game Glitcher

    Game GlitcherПре месец

    I just thought that for the bones test you could make them spawn in the bones and the there'll be a 2 by 2 square and you can attack behind aswell

  85. Диана Викторовна

    Диана ВикторовнаПре месец

    я один русс

  86. Jasper Chung

    Jasper ChungПре месец


  87. Alisa Bryantseva

    Alisa BryantsevaПре месец

    Kairos: Subscribe, use code kairos, let's keep going. Ads: *I think not*


    ILGVARSBOSSПре месец

    i wonder what griff business resilience does on big game and graveyard shift

  89. RiffRaff4031

    RiffRaff4031Пре месец

    Griff- says “here is your refund” Also him- holds out one coin

  90. Marian Cobeanu

    Marian CobeanuПре 14 дана


  91. Jude Shaheen

    Jude ShaheenПре месец

    Once he gets his super, it looks like it will be easy to recharge kid of like buzz except the super itself will go a long way in recharging it instead of just getting close and using your attacks to recharge it.

  92. Kyla Marishaine

    Kyla MarishaineПре месец

    kairos what are you gonna do for the unboxing challenge? eat coins?

  93. Turtle Boy Gaming

    Turtle Boy GamingПре месец

    does anyone know I am the biggest fan of kairostime any subscriber won't be bigger fan then me

  94. teaser 1699

    teaser 1699Пре месец


  95. Dustey

    DusteyПре месец

    Griff be the saltiest shopkeeper lmao

  96. David Vukrizan

    David VukrizanПре месец

    Karios: GRIFF DEALS INSANE DAMAGE Spike: am I a joke to you?

  97. Tyler's Bored

    Tyler's BoredПре месец

    I'm saving boxes because I know I'm not gonna win no challenge.

  98. Darshana Vartak

    Darshana VartakПре месец

    Can we get buzz opening

  99. Chowen gamer

    Chowen gamerПре месец

    Kairos should get lady kairos gets to blow a whistle in his ear for every box he doesn’t get buzz for the unboxing challenge

  100. PokéChamp

    PokéChampПре месец

    Super range test where!?

  101. Nick | SP

    Nick | SPПре месец

    Hey Kairos. Can you do Whoever's main attack is the best, like and brawl Olympics

  102. E.20.Swaminath.R

    E.20.Swaminath.RПре месец

    Kairos you have came with me battle yeah in brawl ball iam death ninjas

  103. PokéChamp

    PokéChampПре месец

    @E.20.Swaminath.R sucka what do u think u are

  104. E.20.Swaminath.R

    E.20.Swaminath.RПре месец

    Give friend request to me

  105. PotatoWaffle - BS

    PotatoWaffle - BSПре месец

    kairos better be eating dino nuggets for buzz

  106. TT - 06RS 803998 McCrimmon MS

    TT - 06RS 803998 McCrimmon MSПре месец

    OK now I know how it makes sense that GrIff Will be good in heist because he loves money

  107. A Sleepy Dude

    A Sleepy DudeПре месец

    Didn’t they change it back to 1 ammo spawn instead of 0

  108. Arif Ramen noodles

    Arif Ramen noodlesПре месец

    So glad I found this channel. I'ma type Kairos in the support a creator for the new season

  109. Ryan C

    Ryan CПре месец

    Me on mobile watching him point to nothing at the end ._.

  110. CDN

    CDNПре месец

    You should drink pool water until you get buzz

  111. Eashwar Anandh

    Eashwar AnandhПре месец

    React to Indian brawl stars ads!!😁👌