BEST Brawlers in EVERY Mode! | Pro Tier List V23 | May 2021

Brawl Stars Tier List V23 - The BEST Brawlers! | KairosTime
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For this video we're going to show the BEST Brawlers for Brawl Stars in every mode! We'll do the Best Brawlers in Gem Grab, the best in Brawl Ball, the best brawlers in Siege, Hot Zone, Heist, \u0026 Bounty! This will truly be the best guide for power league for which brawlers to ban \u0026 pick!

Since the last tier list we've had 4 sets of balance changes, \u0026 3 new brawlers added to the game! We've had over 20 pro players vote on which brawlers truly are the best so this is the most accurate Brawl Stars Tier List!

00:00 The ULTIMATE Tier List
00:40 New Brawlers
02:09 STOP playing THESE Brawlers
03:34 PLAY THESE Brawlers
05:19 Game Mode Tier Lists
09:50 Overall Tier List

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  1. KairosTime Gaming

    KairosTime GamingПре 2 месеца

    Use Code Kairos & your randoms will watch this video! 😉 I just wanted to say that I know many people will be disappointed that Showdown was removed. I hope you understand that I strive for quality in all of my work & didn't want to do a Showdown Tier List because I didn't feel confident in my ability to make an accurate Showdown Tier List. Thanks for your support! As a side note, I highly recommend taking screenshots of the S, A, & B tiers for each game mode to help out with Power League!


    NEITSWFTПре дан



    NEITSWFTПре дан

    I'm gonna ask my friend and t,ry do my own


    NEITSWFTПре дан

    How do you do this

  5. D 27

    D 27Пре 25 дана

    Dynamike is one of the bests brawlers in brawl ball

  6. Jada Sales

    Jada SalesПре месец


  7. Omega Games

    Omega GamesПре 4 сата

    Me watching 2 months later for squeak and griff 👀👁👄👁

  8. Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006

    Noob Boyfriend Gaming 2006Пре 12 сати

    Poco would be F tier in heist


    NEITSWFTПре 15 сати

    I didn’t think stu was that strong when he was released


    NEITSWFTПре 15 сати



    NEITSWFTПре 15 сати

    Why is star powers in the tier list where is the next

  12. Aromal Biju

    Aromal BijuПре дан

    Kairos where is tier list V24


    NEITSWFTПре дан

    # GiveMeLeonSupercell


    NEITSWFTПре дан



    NEITSWFTПре дан

    #BuffEdgar #BuffShelly #BuffLeon #BuffAmber #BuffGale #Buff8-Bit #NERFStu #NerfBelle #NerfBuzz #NerfElPrimo #NerfGene


    NEITSWFTПре дан

    Kairos: posts private video Me: Is this practice for the next tier list and will come out to us when Griff is out for a week


    NEITSWFTПре дан

    Stu: I have dethroned Colt Colt: I was the same strong as u before I was nerfed The brawl stars team: No knockbacks from super Stu: not enough now I have breakthrough Me: U should be able to burn enemies with breakthrough super


    NEITSWFTПре дан



    NEITSWFTПре дан

    Kairos you posted a private video why can't we see it or it's in beta and it'd the next tier list

  20. L0LGGs

    L0LGGsПре 3 дана

    For some reason after watching a couple of these tier list videos I think kairos hates Shelly or the pros hate Shelly either because she’s really good and they don’t want anyone to know about it or it’s some kind of joke

  21. Daniel Houde

    Daniel HoudeПре 3 дана

    Justice for Leon🙏🙏#freeleon

  22. Alexbell0230

    Alexbell0230Пре 5 дана

    Fact:Randoms see it reversed

  23. John Bobson

    John BobsonПре 6 дана

    How is bo f in heist his super with snare a bear is hella good in defense and offense

  24. Telly Harmendia

    Telly HarmendiaПре 6 дана

    i will always play edgar even if im at below rank trophies with him

  25. GG Gaming

    GG GamingПре 9 дана

    When I started the game Leon used to be the best Brawler in every list and now he is F Press F to pay respect

  26. Ayden Anderson

    Ayden AndersonПре 10 дана

    Ambers god tier in heist she’s destroys the safe in it

  27. Draco Soluna

    Draco SolunaПре 11 дана

    Wierd, I thought Belle would be better in heist because of her super and chain attach

  28. Aiden Playz games

    Aiden Playz gamesПре 12 дана

    Me watching when elprimo is meta

  29. Turkic Union

    Turkic UnionПре 12 дана

    Cuz of Leon’s new gadget i’d say he would in b tier in gem grab

  30. Hawkeye legend

    Hawkeye legendПре 13 дана

    They should make an option where if you missed a free skin you can reclaim it later, after you missed it

  31. just Harsh :)

    just Harsh :)Пре 12 дана

    I don't think you understand what "exclusive" means

  32. King Crimson

    King CrimsonПре 13 дана

    just got gale and i am disappointed

  33. Monkeh

    MonkehПре 14 дана

    Gale is underrated

  34. Yazi YT

    Yazi YTПре 15 дана

    Here the total score for each rarity 4. Rare: primo 0, Rosa 16, poco 37 and barley 42. Total: 95 7. Super rare: Darryl 7, penny and Jacky 9, Carl and Rico 10. total: 45 5. Epics: frank 7, Edgar 8, Bea 10, Pam 12, Nani 14, Bibi 17 and piper 18. Total: 87 1. Mythic: Tara 7, Morris 15, mr. p 16, gene 17, Byron 27, max 37 and sprout 39. Total: 158 6. Legendary: Leon 3, crow 11, spike 12, amber 19 and sandy 39. Total: 84 3. Cromathics: gale 4, surge and Lou 12, collete 22, rufs 24 and belle 44. Total: 118 2. Trophy road: Shelly 0, dinamike 2, Bull and bo 3, Brock 9, Nita 10, colt 13, Jessie 19, tick 23, 8 bit 25 and Stu 49. Total: 147 The order of the numbers is from the one whit most points to the one with less points. Tell me any error you find!

  35. Marcel Klasa

    Marcel KlasaПре 15 дана

    what is the music name

  36. Pedro Petiz

    Pedro PetizПре 16 дана

    do it another one

  37. Love stu 😅

    Love stu 😅Пре 21 дан

    Kairos : barley and sprout is too good. I played Enemy team : mortis.

  38. Varian Q

    Varian QПре 22 дана

    I'm happy I got colonel ruffs

  39. Chase Silvestri

    Chase SilvestriПре 23 дана

    I think Leon is better than that though

  40. G. Š.

    G. Š.Пре 25 дана

    Me seeing the overall rank: Shelly and El primo: Why are we so bad??? Sprout, Stu, Barley and Poco: How are we so OP? Me who got Shelly from rank 16 to rank 21 playing only bounty and hot zone: Uh... Is something wronng here??? The question that is in my mind: How is Sprout in S tier? Am I OK?!??!

  41. G. Š.

    G. Š.Пре 25 дана

    Why am I so good with gale in every gamemode

  42. satvik bhola

    satvik bholaПре 25 дана


  43. Rudraksh Verma

    Rudraksh VermaПре 26 дана

  44. Aman Pathak

    Aman PathakПре 27 дана

  45. Matuldo Mituldo

    Matuldo MituldoПре 27 дана

    My only max brawler is barley and i love to play with him.Btw 8-bit is my favourite.

  46. Captain LightRight

    Captain LightRightПре 28 дана

    Brawl ball:Dynamike is bad Me:Ok Also me a few minutes later:TONKEEEEE Tonke is a meme I made where u rush to the enemie’s goal with the ball without throwing it. Edit:It actually depends on the enemies or if ur good at the brawler that actually makes u win so sometimes these ratings is always not the same.

  47. Nikola Boshkov

    Nikola BoshkovПре 29 дана

    is not how good the brawlers are, is how the player is good whit that brawler

  48. Hazmat accelerator

    Hazmat acceleratorПре 29 дана

    Random be like: I see this in reverse

  49. Pillar Man

    Pillar ManПре месец

    Barley: bad in showdown Good in 3v3

  50. Abdul Razzak ZouAlghina

    Abdul Razzak ZouAlghinaПре месец

    I have this crazy theory that collete is byrons grand daughter

  51. Medjdouba Najla

    Medjdouba NajlaПре месец

    Your grab brawler is so false cause I see bra, ler is cheat of mode and you place it in f tier bruh

  52. Block Man go Gaming with jeff

    Block Man go Gaming with jeffПре месец

    I think the best brawler is 8bit .

  53. Block Man go Gaming with jeff

    Block Man go Gaming with jeffПре месец

    Man Sandy is insane.

  54. Block Man go Gaming with jeff

    Block Man go Gaming with jeffПре месец

    Pam is bad , she can't even beat poco.🤣

  55. Block Man go Gaming with jeff

    Block Man go Gaming with jeffПре месец

    But coil is strong. ☹

  56. Moi Lopez

    Moi LopezПре месец

    How do we take off adds?

  57. влад большаков

    влад большаковПре месец

    Твои пики помойка

  58. Antonio Stappenbeck

    Antonio StappenbeckПре месец

    One month later. Stus nerf freaks me out. He used to be so good. But without his ability to push enemies away with his super he really isn't that great anymore

  59. Zeez

    ZeezПре месец

    Worst tier list i ever seen

  60. anti - matter

    anti - matterПре месец

    For gem grab gale and dynamike should be S tier…

  61. sus machine

    sus machineПре месец

    Barley when you spill ketchup on the table: so anyway i sarted blasting

  62. Ssergii Dagreat

    Ssergii DagreatПре месец 😂

  63. Mobile_Plays

    Mobile_PlaysПре месец

    I actually disagreed with a surprising number of ranks in this list

  64. Marshie

    MarshieПре месец

    That's because this video is quite outdated :P

  65. caleb brackenbury

    caleb brackenburyПре месец

    this is all wrong edger is the best noob stop :(

  66. Troll face

    Troll faceПре 19 дана

    Nah he is only good in showdown but he is terrible in 3v3

  67. Sen Dinh

    Sen DinhПре месец

    How do u make this kind of tier list?

  68. Duo

    DuoПре месец

    Gem grab: 6:10 Heist: 7:46 Bounty: 8:19 Siege: 9:03 Hot Zone: 9:39

  69. George Sanders

    George SandersПре месец

    why crow so low?

  70. Cristiane Reino Antunes

    Cristiane Reino AntunesПре месец

    kairos:play this brawler! Supercell:Nah fam ur never gonna get it its legend

  71. Kona - Brawl Stars

    Kona - Brawl StarsПре месец

    They were to hard on Dyna :l

  72. Prixit Kumar

    Prixit KumarПре месец

    I have only frank and gale as special brawler

  73. Are You My Dad?

    Are You My Dad?Пре месец

    Why is Nita F in Siege? I've been winning lors with her and her Bear fast claw on IKE. Shes a beast on that mode

  74. Ssteven playz

    Ssteven playzПре месец

    Why is my luck so bad for getting new brawlers like all my friends and family i swear get brawlers 4x as often

  75. kedilerin lordu Emrehan

    kedilerin lordu EmrehanПре месец

    Crying man in this video 👁👄👁

  76. Dream Strider

    Dream StriderПре месец

    KT: puts dyna in f tier in bounty and hot Me: I might be one of the best dynamites in the world i will not leave dyna alone

  77. abdrex 213•

    abdrex 213•Пре месец

    I have max but i hate her but when o see this vid i was like "oh bad im gonna practice her"

  78. rftt Gaming

    rftt GamingПре месец

    LOL After seeing this tier list I realised that all my quests belong to the tiers C and F. They are: El Primo, Brock, Bea, Nita, Bo and Penny. Is Brawl Stars trying to troll me or smth

  79. Nicolás Zan

    Nicolás ZanПре месец

    I stopped playing Brawl Stars when Rosa was still one of the newer brawlers. Surge was announced. I was a Primo main, and just decided to focus on my studies and not play anymore. Yesterday, I thought about the game, and decided to check out Kairos and his tier list to see what was up. Who are all these new people? Why are they all so OP? LOOK AT HOW THEY MASSACRED MY BOI! NOT A SINGLE POINT FOR MY LUCHADOR. _It's like a nightmare._

  80. Arle Casinto

    Arle CasintoПре месец

    So sad to see my boy Leon so low down AGAIN. Leon just got nerfed SO MANY TIMES and I dont like it :(. My boy leon requires love and a buff. #buffleon

  81. Kishan

    KishanПре месец

    What about squeak?

  82. James Mui

    James MuiПре месец

    So that's why it felt like I was having much more trouble pushing trophies with primo compared with my other brawlers. Dude's literally bottom of the barrel garbage lmaoo

  83. PrimalX60

    PrimalX60Пре месец

    Coming back to this vid and hearing about the Stu bits....bro...I love this brawler. Edit: I'm still playing Colt cause he's fun and no one will stop playing Edgar he's such a casual brawler to play

  84. Jesus Ibarra

    Jesus IbarraПре месец

    Nooo Bo

  85. Jason Chen

    Jason ChenПре месец

    honestly i feel like bo should be B or A teir because he could place his mines on the gem spitter and it would stun the enemies which could allow you and your teammates to take their gems and run away to win.

  86. Ernaldo Basa

    Ernaldo BasaПре месец

    Tara in the f tier Her super and 2nd gadget: am i a joke to you

  87. Ernaldo Basa

    Ernaldo BasaПре месец

    @Fat Pikachu im turning 11

  88. Fat Pikachu

    Fat PikachuПре месец

    @Ernaldo Basa Well you are 7 so imma not respond

  89. Ernaldo Basa

    Ernaldo BasaПре месец

    @Fat Pikachu sorry i just saw OJ video where he uses her 2nd gadget in heist to destroy the safe and it worked

  90. Fat Pikachu

    Fat PikachuПре месец

    It’s not that good my dude

  91. Darkhunter773

    Darkhunter773Пре месец

    bruh literally all the new brawlers: Belle, Stu, Colonel Ruffs, and Byron are either S or A

  92. awesomesoniclover745

    awesomesoniclover745Пре месец

    Belle being A in heist Me: *confusion*

  93. Kaminari Denki

    Kaminari DenkiПре месец

    Hello my fellow 8-bit mains!

  94. Mister Osas

    Mister OsasПре месец

    Poco main since the game came out lets go

  95. Lex Dignon

    Lex DignonПре месец

    I am saying this as a heavy Tara user, but I just don't get her in F for heist. I'll team up with some folks, and have them just distract the other team while I solo the safe, and it works like 90% of the time. Drop her clones on the safe and you're guaranteed to take 30% off of it. Granted, if that strategy is countered, you lose, but it rarely is because countering it requires multiple tanks. I'd just like to learn about the thought process behind the rankers

  96. Sudhanva Kashyap

    Sudhanva KashyapПре месец

    Leon: Hey Nita, Check me out! Nita: I am ranked much more better than you. You be quiet Leon: Cries like Lou does in his voice lines

  97. jenny kerstner

    jenny kerstnerПре месец

    Shelley is an actual starter brawler

  98. jenny kerstner

    jenny kerstnerПре месец

    Also make it so you can get Stu by having 50000 trophies BRAWL STARS

  99. ZL Games

    ZL GamesПре месец




    Mortis was A tier in brawl ball 😲

  101. Solid Soviet Robot

    Solid Soviet RobotПре месец

    I agree with almost everything, it could just be me being a super noob but here is what I disagree with: Bull is good Shelly is good Spike is great Rosa is great Btw use code: Kairos

  102. Solid Soviet Robot

    Solid Soviet RobotПре месец

    @Sam Lee Ah yes, same comrade

  103. Sam Lee

    Sam LeeПре месец

    I swear if you have spike, and you have less than 10k trophies, imma cry

  104. Studies with Rishi

    Studies with RishiПре месец

    gale is being underrated in gem grab his 2 nd star power which slows down enemies every hit is god tier

  105. Dr. girirajan

    Dr. girirajanПре месец

    bro you judged tara and some others in wrong way because when tara reaches the enemy heist first and using star power and gadget the heist will braked soon and also another mistake bro in brawl ball tara will play as great and another wrong thing bro it was penny will play best in siege when he is using his power near to siege machine and crow is also good in siege because when crow using his gadget robot will slowdown and bee also and 8bit will be great all the brawlers are great bro when we apply the brawlers correctly some brawlers only cannot perform good and bad ok bro gn to all

  106. MOBI

    MOBIПре месец

    Jessie is my favorite in Brawl ball

  107. ördek

    ördekПре месец

    IQ -

  108. Cool Origami

    Cool OrigamiПре месец

    You forgot dynamike when ranking the bounty brawlers. :((((

  109. sir mANT

    sir mANTПре месец

    I had Brawl Stars open when watching this video. I thought the music in Brawl Stars was the background music in this video lol.

  110. Baksa PRO

    Baksa PROПре месец

    9:28 on the c there it seys cok

  111. Sunny

    SunnyПре месец

    Barley in hot zone is just illegal and i love it

  112. AWERS

    AWERSПре месец

    Edgar.... I will love you forever... (Wait. Im pro Edgar)

  113. Francesco Lunardi

    Francesco LunardiПре месец

    Omg poor leon he sucks now


    11B PRANAY SINGHПре месец

    Bull: F in almost every gamemode Me, good using only bull: 😧😧😧

  115. pekka plays

    pekka playsПре месец

    Kairos im here a theory that I thinked of: brawl stars listening you they are use your "guess" what will happend video to make brawlers so yea becuase that they used your map thats my theory #starrpark #supercell

  116. pekka plays

    pekka playsПре месец

    The brawltopia map

  117. sunburntSG

    sunburntSGПре месец

    Kairos:dont play edgar Randoms:haha sure....😈😈😈

  118. José Lêvyr

    José LêvyrПре месец

    "Vim pelo gustorvol"